In November of 2013, Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed back Micon Productions for a photo shoot for Garage Clothing.  We had worked with Micon producer Robbie Yamamota a few years ago for a SoBe Life Water campaign featuring Ashley Greene.

Garage Swimwear shoot Turks and Caicos

Every shoot faces certain challenges, normally which fall along the lines of finding a particular prop last minute.  This shoot had a challenge of a larger scale, Mother Nature!  We were shooting at a private home on Pine Cay and Day 1 on location went smoothly other than playing hide and seek between two different boats dropping crew separately.  After a productive day we all enjoyed the gorgeous sunset on our 25 minute boat ride home, quite pleased with ourselves that we could leave important gear and equipment on Pine Cay safely stored overnight for an easier set up for Day 2.


Except Day 2 was met with gusting winds, stormy seas, and nonstop pouring rain!  This would make for a very adventurous trip to Pine Cay!  Luckily,  Caicos Dream Tours were up for the wild ride and took on the assignment.  We took a brave, limited crew, decked out in life vests and rain slickers, and piled into the boat which rocked around the rough seas but carried us safely to the shore.  We worked like mad packing all the equipment quickly onto the boat and erasing our sandy, soggy footprints from the beautiful villa.


We made it safely back to Provo to carry on with our shoot, and as the above photos attest, even a moody Mother Nature Day in Turks and Caicos looks good!


Garage 2 Garage 3 Garage 4 Garage 6 Garage 7 Garage 8 Garage 9Garage

Photographer: Chris Heads

Stylist:  Jesse Selchow

Make-Up:  Leslie Ann Thomson

Hair: Noah Hatton

Models: Marcela Vivan, Mathilda Bernmark, Olivia Greenfield, Ashley Ascano

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