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Discover 2015 Fashion Feature


Andy Mann of Tropical Imaging and I paired up once again for the fashion feature for the 2015 Discover Magazine.


We shot the spread at the lovely Regent Palms Resort and featured resort wardrobe from their Spa and Wish Boutiques.


Our local models included several past and current contestants and the winner of the 2014 TCI Top Model Contest, Brielle Swann.

fashiondiscover_0087 fashiondiscover_0097 fashiondiscover_0119

This was my first time working with local make-up artist Thea Lowe,  who I was thrilled with.  This was also my first opportunity to book the young beauty Je’Cannya below.  She has such a versatile look and remarkable professionalism considering she’s only 15!

fashiondiscover_0147 fashiondiscover_0150 fashiondiscover_0158 fashiondiscover_0161 fashiondiscover_0169 fashiondiscover_0181 fashiondiscover_0182 fashiondiscover_0187 fashiondiscover_0211 fashiondiscover_0219  fashiondiscover_0234 fashiondiscover_0238 fashiondiscover_0246 fashiondiscover_0247 fashiondiscover_0268 fashiondiscover_0274  fashiondiscover_0278 fashiondiscover_0307 fashiondiscover_0314   fashiondiscover_0323 fashiondiscover_0342  fashiondiscover_0347 fashiondiscover_0379  fashiondiscover_0389 fashiondiscover_0408 fashiondiscover_0411   fashiondiscover_0445 fashiondiscover_0455


Brielle Swann

JeCannya Garland

Carlisa Williams

Brittney Bien-Aime

Make-up: Thea Lowe

Big thanks to all who worked so hard for this feature, especially the man behind the models Mr. Courtney Robinson!



Last September Tropical Imaging and I teamed up to shoot a brand new villa by the name of Samsara.  Andy Mann and I work together often to profile architect Ron Shaw’s designs, each one incredible in their own right.  This sprawling house is beautifully located on Babalua Beach, as the aerial image below demonstrates it virtually has it’s own private 650′ long beach!


samsara_0092 samsara_0096

I am a big fan of cedar shingled roofs and native stone, Samsara features both in great quantity.  It gives the large luxury property a down to earth feel.

samsara_0107 samsara_0196

I loved the little planters incorporated into the outdoor showers, nice to have nature at your feet and still offer privacy within the surrounding garden.

samsara_0244  This staircase was superb any which way you looked at it.  We photographed it from three different angles, this was my favorite perspective.Samsara_Aerial_0012 Samsara_Aerial_0030

Can you believe that collection of roofs!  Remarkable!


The woven wood cabinetry was remarkable as well.  I have to hand it to our TC Millwork competitor, Island Stairworks, who did a fantastic job on these CNC machined doors.



Another tidbit for the woodworking fans, this tables pedestal was part of the original house which the owner wanted to salvage and showcase.

samsaradetails_0032 samsaradetails_0037  samsaradetails_0051 samsaradetails_0064 samsaradetails_0065 samsaradetails_0066 samsaradetails_0067 samsaradetails_0125

If you find yourself lucky enough to enter these gates, you will appreciate this home and all of it’s many facets all the more seeing it in person.



Well done Ron Shaw, very grateful Andy and I were selected for this project!  Always look forward to what you will create next.  This round dining room with one of your signature ceilings made my most impressive list.  Bravo!


Discover 2014 Fashion Spread


In August of 2013, Tropical Imaging and I did this shoot for the 2014 issue of Discover Magazine.  The fashion spread focused on local designer Kazz Forbes and featured attire from his Saint George Fashion House label.  We shot at the stunning Windermere,  a perfectly bright white and modern location to profile such a vivid collection.  Lucky for us, the owner is quite the fashionista herself and despite having extended family in, she granted us permission.

fashion13_0009 fashion13_0032

We used a beautiful bevy of local models, including the 2013 Miss Turks and Caicos winner Snwazna Adams.

fashion13_0046  I love when the rookie steals the show!  Felicia absolutely killed it in this emerald gown!  This young teen took direction like a pro.  When coming up with the creative direction for this shoot I kept imagining these elegant gowns with movement, allowing the light chiffon fabrics to create dynamic compositions.  Felicia understood perfectly and the result, a few of my favorite fashion shots I have ever styled for:fashion13_0049 fashion13_0051 fashion13_0053 fashion13_0054 fashion13_0055 fashion13_0061 fashion13_0064 fashion13_0066 fashion13_0067 fashion13_0077


Another couple of images which capture the gorgeousness of these hand embellished gowns, featuring sisters Frenica and Felicia.

fashion13_0094 fashion13_0101 fashion13_0113

After an amazing morning session, we headed out on Eden Yacht Charters for an afternoon lifestyle and cover shoot.  We tried our best to get a split shot of both underwater and above water however both swell and visibility worked against us.  We hope to see that idea come to fruition for a future issue.  Big thanks to everyone who participated and made this shoot such a success!

fashion13_0137 fashion13_0142 fashion13_0161 fashion13_0166 fashion13_0191 fashion13_0194 fashion13_0209 fashion13_0221

Island Life & Times I-Pad Magazine

The Caribbean's only I-Pad Magazine

The Caribbean’s only I-Pad Magazine

Anyone who has ever had a substantial conversation with Andy Mann recognizes that this is a guy who has a real passion for the Turks and Caicos Islands and is a virtual idea factory when it comes to owning and operating his business.  So when he hinted at “something big” in the works last year I pressed for more info and he divulged his latest “brilliant” brainchild.  I nearly couldn’t believe my ears; an interactive cutting edge I-Pad magazine filled with jaw dropping images and video footage illustrating an insider’s guide to the Turks and Caicos.  Amazing and ambitious idea indeed. . . . so ambitious I thought at the time that I wasn’t quite convinced it could or would come to fruition.
Image from Island Life and Times facebook page

Image from Island Life and Times facebook page

I attended the launch party in October and could not have been more impressed; the photography, the stories, the insight, the interactive navigation.  This is one cool, contemporary read.  I am extremely proud of Andy and his entire team, I spent that evening feeling very fortunate to work alongside these fine folks regularly. 
Image from Island Life and Times facebook page

Image from Island Life and Times facebook page

If you have an I-Pad and you haven’t seen any of the four issues as of yet, you are missing out!  Read about it here, download it here, did I mention all this awesomeness is absolutely FREE?!  Go!!

Ocean Club Shoot 2013


Tropical Imaging and I look forward every year to our annual Ocean Club Shoot.  I love the clubs, the management, the staff, the marketing team.  You just don’t find nicer or more genuine people than at these two long standing resorts.

oceanclub13_0537 oceanclub13_0445

Instead of shooting a majority of room interiors per usual, this year we focused on marketing the resort lifestyle.  I cast all local talent, many of them friends, so we had a great deal of fun over these few days in early August.



oceanclub13_0230 oceanclub13_0259 oceanclub13_0114


oceanclub13_0034 oceanclub13_0333OC


2013 oclub

2013 oc

oceanclub13_0504 oceanclub13_0475


oceanclub13_0463 oceanclub13_0398




We had a few real families, pairs of siblings, and a pair of professional models, Kazz Forbes and Washande Registre. We have some amazing smiles right here on Provo!

oceanclub13_0201 oceanclub13_0045




oceanclub13_0145OceanC 2013

Many thanks to all who participated in this shoot, especially Ocean Clubs kind staff who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty to meet our requests.  I’ll sign off with a rare behind the scenes shot that demonstrates modeling isn’t always fun and games (but it should be)!