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Happy Birthdays!

My dad Larry (above right) turned 67 years young yesterday.  Today, the baby of his brood (below right), turns 21 YEARS!  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say . . . 

 Sterling, wishing you the best birthday yet! In between partying your faces off in Vegas and having a few moments like this . . . .
Above and below images via facebook
May you, your father, and your older brother bond at the bar, and may they impart a little wisdom on reaching adulthood.  Here’s mine:
I believe much of what is stated above is already inherently in you.  At this age it can be the best of times and the worst of times.  Always remember this beautiful Cherokee legend:
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Go out there and feed the right wolf bro!

Valentine’s, hearts and all

 Images via desdemventana
I must admit, I have an aversion to heart shapes, and to red (that flower above bothers me and I am resisting cropping it out as I think the photo would be highly improved without it).  So as one may see from yesterday’s post I am trying to challenge my inner heart scrooge.  I do find it interesting that the symbol, generally though of as the human center of emotional, moral, and spiritual being, comes to us from ancient times with varying opinion on what it references.  Some believe the human heart (although it only resembles it when from this angle), others the medicinal seed of the now extinct silphium plant, and yet others a direct reference to certain female anatomy.  The last theory “intertwined with the true-to-life idea that the heart emerged as a symbol for love in the now lava-covered city of Pompeii. It holds for true that brothels conveyed their business via heart-shaped symbols depicting female breasts and sexual organ. This symbol reached high popularity as a motif for tattoos during late antiquity and spread quickly with the heavy seafaring of the time. Since few wanted to declare the true meaning of the tattoo it was usually explained as a symbol of love.”
Quote via wikipedia.
One place I could certainly handle seeing the shape repeatedly would be at the Prieure Notre Dame d’ Orsan, an early 12th century monastery in Central France.  Wander on over to the website where you may take a virtual gaze at the gardens, enjoy a leisurely lunch of fresh ingredients from the orchards, organic gardens, and neighboring wine and cheese makers, followed by a restful sleep at the architectural beauty of a hotel, free of televisions and telephones.  Talk about a February 14th dream date!  What might you be doing for your dear?  I best get busy making banana pancakes for my love!

Something for your Sweetheart?

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Have you planned something for your sweetheart?  If not, there’s still time!  Here’s a fun list of 10 valentines day ideas that arent cheesy
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Here in the Turks and Caicos Islands, we don’t have all ten of those options so we may need to get a little more crafty!  Here are some local promotions that might catch you or your love’s fancy:

Special Announcement

Lovely photos by brilliant
In early December I styled for a photo shoot that I had been conceptualizing since September (literally).  The client; one tough cookie and hard critic.  Yup . . . . ME.
It’s pretty much impossible to style AND be the subject simultaneously, but thanks to our brilliant photographer Andy, the ideas and inspirations leapt to life through his lense.
I pulled out my props and set the scene and then promptly laid down on the job while Andy did all the work.  I am sure he enjoyed not having to share his viewfinder with me! 
Can’t thank him enough, this shoot was loads of laughs.  As I am not a huge fan of posting personal photos, I’ll let the readers who have interest head on over to brilliants blog post to see and read more!

White Christmas Winter Style

 Image above via Desde My Ventana
Did you have yourselves a Merry Little Moonlit Night?  We certainly did; a homemade Christmas dinner under the stars with close friends, our island family, last night.   We are thrilled to soon see this couple celebrate their one year mark!  He hosted at his Hemingway-esque cottage on the beach, a place we have so many incredible memories of and in over the last decade.  We ate island style; carrot soup, steamed green beans, smoked gouda pasta, and lobster so tasty it could dismiss the melted butter sauce. We could not have asked for a more perfect evening; great company, nonstop laughs, and an exchange of favorite Christmas childhood memories over a hearty homemade meal.
Image above and below via Mustard Ceiling
So despite my heart wandering to Wyoming these last few days, to my brothers who have made the trek (near and far) home for the holidays, to familiar places blanketed in winter, I have much to be happy for here in this tropical place we call home.  For now we will enjoy the sunshine and the sea, and soon enough we will play in a winter wonderland like pictured here. 
Image via Book of Secrets
 Image via .4inspireddesign