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Pretty Pergola at Fleur de Lys

Just in time for the holiday arrivals, a pretty Pergola awaits our Fleur de Lys Villa guests.  Now the birdwatching balcony is better than ever!  TC Millwork did a fabulous job with the upgrade.   Not only are we thrilled with the traditional Caribbean design, but love the practicality of having shade and rain cover over this area, which the adjoining office hardwood floors will thank us for later!
These rocking chairs are a pair of the best seats in the house for soaking in the views.
Holiday decor vignettes from Fleur de Lys Villa soon to come, stay posted!

Fleur de Lys Villa Bird’s Eye View

It was a very busy weekend between Longbay and Leeward, bittersweet to think we will not be traversing between the two neighborhoods so often anymore.  The Beach Barn, our home away from home and pet project for the last few years, sold last July.  We sign and seal the deal in a short few days so the deadline to make our move had come.  It was eye opening to discover just how many belongings we had acquired; what seemingly appeared to be very little set against the massive floorspace of the barn, in reality was two parades by caravan of  boxtruck, two pick-ups, and an SUV!  A skytrak also joined the fleet, more to come on that topic later, but we thought while we had use of it, may as well take a few overview images of Fleur de Lys.  Utilizing a kiteboarding harness and a couple of dog leashes, I was strapped to the forks and up, up, and away!  Thanks to residual winds from hurricane Sandy it was a pretty wild ride!  The birds eye view was beautiful, and it allowed a great study of the size of the bird reserve to the north of the property.  I  had not realized it was such an impressive wetland, it stretches nearly the length of the block.  No wonder we see such variety of feathered friends at Fleur de Lys!