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Black Friday Bargain

Months ago I spied these completely incredible antique mirrored Currey-and-Company-Napoli-Wall-Sconces at one of my favorite local boutiques, It’s Stuff Consignment shop.  I knew the retail price was way out of budget but kept them in the back of my mind.  On my last visit I was quite surprised to see them still sitting in the shop.  With a bright idea of how these two lovelies could add some elegance to the Sisal Suite at Fleur de Lys Villa, I made an offer.  The shopkeeper said she would get back to me after getting in touch with the owner. 
On Black Friday I received the great news that the offer was accepted and I could pick up my purchase.  I am so pleased with my Black Friday bargain having paid half the price for the pair as one sconce purchased retail and landed.  They are pretty AND practical.  No more having to set aside the lamps every time the bi-fold windows are opened or shut. 
Did you have any success finding a black Friday bargain? If you find yourself on island and looking for unusual, unique, or antique wares, please stop by It’s Stuff, located in the Marketplace across from the downtown First Caribbean Branch on Leeward Highway.  You might just find the perfect Christmas gift amongst all the treasures!
We are off to the 8th annual Turks and Caicos Conch Festival in Blue Hills to eat, greet, and be merry!  If your are here, you should really be there! It is one of the best not to be missed events of the year!  Please click here for the schedule of events and more information.

Field Guide Fridays – Migratory Bird Press Release

All images taken at Fleur de Lys
At Fleur de Lys Villa we are fortunate to see many different species of birds on a daily basis.  The nationally protected reserve which borders the villa property is just one of many throughout the country.  In the Turks and Caicos Islands birds are protected by law.  The DECR has just wrapped up an especially active month of bird monitoring:

“The Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) has been collecting data on just how important our natural habitats are to migratory birds. . . . The data generated while DECR conducts these activities is sent back to SCSCB, who will process it along with similar regional data. When combined, this gives us a good idea of which birds are moving through which areas, when. This is especially important because many of these birds are under pressure in part of their range, either by habitat destruction or other danger.”

Please read the full press release here.
The above species needs identified, if you recognize it, please post a message!  Identifying birds is most often about sight; identifying it’s characteristics including size, shape, coloring, movement, and flight pattern.  But this very special species below can easily be identified by it’s unique call.  Take a listen . . .
The West Indian Whistling Duck is an endangered species that is globally threatened.  If you have heard this beautiful call, consider yourself very fortunate for this is not only a rare bird, but one of the less vocal species of ducks.  Please visit scscb to find out more about Caribbean birds and how to help.  Please log all your bird sightings on to assist keeping this species and many more alive and well.

Wednesday Woodworks – Dining Rooms, Rustic

Whitewashed and beachy chic dining room from skonahem via greigedesign
Now that we have seen custom woodworks gracing refined dining areas, it’s time to take a look at more rustic applications.  The simplicity of the above room is engulfed in craftmanship; timber floors, timber beam open rafter ceiling, and architecturally shaped windows letting in all that lovely natural light.
Image via mydesignchic
Another architectually shaped set of windows and central door open to this rustic plank table and muslin covered chairs dining room.  The wild succulent centerpieces add life to this gorgeous table.
Petra Bindel for British Elle Decor from style-files. via keenandfitting
Mismatched wood chairs, petite drop leaf table, and a quirky corner cabinet amongst a collection of muted art and diverse collectables make this a charming little dining nook.
Stylist James Leland Day via
A modern nod to rustic, great balance of warm woods to shiny metals.  If your like me and love the marbled caramel color of this table, see the above link for an entire house full of similair deliciousness.
This dining room eats, breathes, and lives wood; it’s EVERYWHERE! I would like to have a cup o’ tea and slice of cake here one day.

Rough-hewn floors and exposed beams in this barn conversion, moved from Canada to Connecticut.
Above image and below quotations from styleathome, who recently profiled bloggers-fave-fall-design-trends

Lia Fagan, modnest 
“Wood is the ultimate neutral. Not only does it work with just about everything, but it never fails to add warmth to a room. Few spaces feel complete without the presence of this element. It doesn’t always have to come in the form of flooring, furniture or cabinetry. Introducing hits of natural wood through your accessories and lighting is an unexpected way to embrace this versatile material.”
Lia Fagan is the designer behind Mod Pieces, an online boutique featuring restyled vintage lighting. When she’s not in her studio, she’s teaching others how to “design outside the lines” on her blog, Mod Nest.

Ashlyn, pineconeplace

“My favourite fall trend for 2011 is wood. Touches of wood can cozy up any decorating style, especially a modern style with lots of white.”
Ashlyn loves to share fresh decorating ideas, recipes, DIY, and photos… things that relate to home and family. You can follow her on her blog, Pinecone

“This year, I’ve found that we’ve been using natural wood so much more in our home. I’ve always loved white-painted trim and paneling but now I also love the rustic, natural patina raw wood adds to a space. I also really like the idea of using recycled, aged wood for the warmth and history it brings to a space. When we renovated our son’s room, we used recycled barn board to add that warmth. I’ve also seen lots of wood projects using materials that would otherwise go to waste – old crates and boxes, pallets, log stools. It’s an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to add a designer trend to your decor.”
Megan is a design loving blogger who owns a construction company with her husband, as well as her blog, Nutmeg and Company. Megan and her husband recently bought a historical home in Wortley Village in London, Ontario and are renovating and decorating every square inch for our family.