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Provo Ponies Happy Trails to Serah

 Image by friend/artist/photographer Isaac Whitlatch via .facebook
The above gorgeous photograph conjures my youth when my fascination and adoration for horses was in it’s prime.  I am certain I wasn’t alone, ask the average kid if they would like to have a pony and I believe the majority would have hands held high in the air.  As with most things we romanticize in life, at one point we may discover reality and our hearts wane.  For those that have witnessed or experienced first hand the hard work and dedication it takes to keep these beauties fed, watered, exercised, and generally healthy, you gain a whole new respect for “horse hands.”
Provo Ponies, originally begun as a rescue operation for abused and neglected horses, now a  Top rated Trip Advisor Attraction, has an entire team of expert hands that keep the stables full of happy, well cared for horses.  Not an easy task on a tropical island with little soil and fresh water.   A certain trio of tough gals formed fast friendships both off and on the clock:
and Serah
These three ladies have had a great run but alas, one lone ranger is moving on.  Serah has found a fantastic opportunity and will be leaving the island to work with Roberts Equine Dental, a Minnesota business serving the professional horse community from coast to coast since 1981.  Our congrats and best wishes to Serah!  Happy Trails!
PS- Don’t forget to pack your