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Beach Tree Wedding Arch

Image via brilliant
On February 2nd TC Millwork was contracted to set this beautiful beach tree arch for Sandra and Jon’s wedding.  This is a stylish and affordable option for couples that desire an organic, beachy look, more unique than your typical beach ceremony set-up.  It can be set as a two post, or a four post, and decorated with small conch shells (as shown here), flowers, vines, ribbon, lanterns, or whatever you wish!  This is a picture perfect place to use your imagination!  Please contact me for pricing.  To see more of Sandra and Jons gorgeous day, please see brilliant’s blog.


I  am joyously overwhelmed to report that the TCI will not be implementing a Value Added Tax here in the Turks and Caicos Islands come April 1, 2013.  Please read the full article, no-vat-for-turks-and-caicos-islands, in this mornings SUN.  Much gratitude to the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council, to Rufus Ewing and entire PNP party, to the Opposition leader Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM party, and to everyone in this community who joined together to oppose this undemocratic tax that would have crippled our country.  I can not express our relief on behalf of TC Millwork.  As a local manufacturer; a company that imports raw materials to handcraft and manufacture custom products right here on our local shores, the VAT tax would have been a death sentence for our business which we have worked so hard to build since 2006. 

Image via

Also headline news announced today, Planning has categorically denied permission to Dolphin Cove!  We have so much to be thankful for this fine Tuesday morning!  I urge everyone to put all their joy, all their relief, all their positive thoughts back into building this community and this Beautiful by Nature country for a brighter future! 

TC Millwork featured in Coastal Living

While rummaging through some magazine stacks I came across this January-February 2009 issue of Coastal Living.  This original Blue Mountain Villa featured just so happened to be a client of TC Millworks.

Several custom pieces were built including a beautiful table made of rare zebrawood, and the entertainment center pictured below with woven fiber inserts within the paneling.

I’m terribly late with sharing this spread but better late than never!

Field Guide Friday – Golden and Yellow Poinciana

 Above and below image of the Golden Poinciana via B. Naqqi Manco
Many of us living in Turks and Caicos would recognize the Flamboyant or Royal Poinciana, Delonix Regia.  Locally known as the Flame Tree for good reason; with it’s fiery crimson colored masses of flowers in full bloom, this stop in your tracks striking tree is highly conspicuous.  But it’s yellow flowering sisters, the Golden Poinciana, Delonix Regia var. Golden, and Yellow Poinciana, Delonix Regia var. Flavida are far more rare.

Delonix Regia originated in Madagascar’s dry deciduous forests but it’s great beauty soon had it spreading to any tropical or subtropical region that could sustain it.  In the Caribbean one should begin to see blooms in May, lasting through to September.  The rest of the year the tree is a far cry from it’s former glory, looking rather gaunt but easily recognizable with it’s grey smooth branches forming a natural umbrella canopy, feathery fern or mimosa looking leaves, and relatively large, long dark seedpods.

I caught sight of a Yellow Poinciana while doing a site visit at a clients in 2010, the first and last I have ever seen locally.   Above you can see a comparison between the Royal on the right to the Yellow on the left.  Incredible how overpowering the blooms are on the Royal, and how sparse they are on the Yellow, despite the two trees being approximately the same height and likely planted at the same time and maintained in the same fashion.

So what’s your favorite?

13th Annual Valentine’s Day Cup

Image via brilliant
We missed attending this years 13th annual Valentine’s Day Cup in Middle Caicos but luckily Brilliant didn’t!  Anita and Chanelle captured all the fun and festivity with flying colors, please see their blog posts Part I and Part  II for a picture perfect recap.  To see more of North and Middle Caicos and the Cup festivities, check out last years post here.  To view the race results click here.