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TC Millwork On Holiday!

On a sunset walk just after the new year, we stumbled across this initially shocking sight.  The closer we got to this poor figure lying face down in the sand, the shock turned to curiousity and then hearty laughs.  Did the end of 2010 leave you feeling like this as well?  After 2 solid months of foregoing weekends and the 2010/2011 holiday season to complete this project, we are exhausted.  It’s time to refresh!  TC Millwork will be on holiday until mid February. 


Image from tcfreepress

The Cultural and Arts Commission joined forces with the Turks and Caicos Hotel and Tourism Association to organise the most vibrant, energetic, and colorful street party of the year.  The inaugural MASKANOO celebration was a dream come true for Cultural Director David Bowen, a professional dancer, musician, entertainer, and MC who utilised all of these talents for the evenings festivities.  Hundreds of people took to the Grace Bay’s streets to listen to traditional ripsaw music, sample local food and beverages, browse vendors arts and crafts, and watch the much anticipated maskanoo (a blend of TCI’s traditional masquerade and Bahamian junkanoo) parade.  If you missed it this year, make certain to mark it on the calendar for 2011’s boxing day.  It is sure to be even more sensational next year!  Please visit (8:46 min mark) to discover the fascinating history of this Caribbean tradition (13:38 min mark) and to see my brief interview (10:06 min mark).