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Turks and Caicos Animal Welfare Fundraiser Postponed until June 16th

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Sunday May 26th rained on our parade but luckily a backup plan has been organised!  Sunday June 16th is the day so please come out and support this direly needed program!  Please read the  enews for all the details but for those not on island or who can not make it to Somewhere this Sunday, please check out the Online Auction Form where you can bid on the Elite Golf Package, a one week stay at Windrose Beach House, or the Luxury Stay at the exclusive Amanyara Resort!  Click here for a link to a letter outlining the fundraising cause.
PS-Please forgive my terribly long absence (a full month!) but many changes/big news is on the horizon so stay tuned!


Nearly three weeks ago my husband found a little blonde potcake puppy on the road (luckily a non busy stretch in the early morning near the Conch Farm), all on her lonesome, filthy, and so scared she ran under the car when my husband pulled over to investigate.  He scooped her up without much trouble and whisked her back to the house where she promptly received a bath, and plenty of food and water.   
We have loved welcoming this little bundle of fluff and big brown expressive eyes into our lives, but the time has come for her to leave us foster parents.  Please contact Potcake Place if you think Cupid may be a right new member for your home!
Cupid is now 8 weeks and ready to adopt! She has been such a joy to watch come out of her shy shell. Her first two days she wanted nothing more than to nuzzle next to you and bury her head under your arm or foot but now she is a confident, full energy, little lovergirl! She has been cohabiting well with a mature dog and cat, and is now fully potty trained and sleeps through the night!! Cupid will be a super loyal dog, she prefers to stay with you in sight at all times versus wandering and is a nice little alarm system already for cars coming in the drive. Cupid is looking for her forever home!

Lucky’s Last Sunset

  Image via Andre Jeanerat, Lucky’s papa
My last post touched upon our endearing relationship to our pets, which becomes terribly poignant when they pass.  Lucky had been a part of our lives for a decade and though we couldn’t claim him as our own, we were fortunate to have him live with us for many weeks at a time while dad traveled.  I have never met a potcake so obsessed with food!   He LIVED for the glory of eating and would journey for miles in search of the perfect jackpot of garbage!  We would always get a good laugh at the steadfast eyes that would never leave the morsel in your hand.  I remember a beach birthday where a friend had prepared a giant snapper for the bbq.  The morning after we discovered the garbage bags shredded bottom, and a few feet later the snapper skeleton; bright white, clean as a whistle, and totally intact.   Calypso the cat was not to blame:)
Lucky wasn’t as fond of exercise.  In the weeks he stayed with us I would take him jogging on the beach in the mornings.  He preferred a slower pace so I would refrain from putting him on a leash.  Often times he would just sit and wait for us when he would tucker out but sometimes he would disappear and refuse to return at the shout of his name.  Nine times out of ten he would be at the garbage bins behind Flamingo Bar, rummaging away, pretending as if he had not heard the calling.  
We said our final tearful goodbyes September 18th, Lucky lived a long and happy thirteen years.  Goodbye old boy!

Willow steals the show at the Diamond Jubilee!

Island Scoop was dressed to impress yesterday, dashingly draped in red, white, blue and bunting for the Diamond Jubilee celebration.  Grace Bay Plaza was bursting at the seams yesterday with fun and festivity, live music, and kids everywhere!  Party goers had their pick of beating the heat with a refreshing glass of Pimm’s,

or Island Scoops locally made delicious ice cream!
The Queen herself looked to be having a jolly time until a little certain someone stole the show . . .
Willow!  We found this adorable little potcake last week hanging around TC Millwork’s new location.  She was covered in ticks and fleas but cute as a button and not even the slightest frightened of people.  She wagged her way over to us to make friends and that’s all it took for us to scoop her up and take her home for a bath, some kibble, and some foster care.  She now joins the rest of the potcake place family in hopes of being adopted by a loving family.  This little local girl pictured above fell in love with Willow instantly; she took her in her arms and did not want to let go!  It was hysterical to see her reluctance to transfer the furry bundle into any other arms!  She did share however, with a little persuasion, and Willow got loads of love and attention from a dozen adoring fans.  Willow has now passed the well behaved test with other dogs, cats, babies, small children, AND kids, LOTS of kids, at the same time!!!  I thought all the fun and heat would have tuckered the wee one out but she was still full of energy when we arrived home for a dip in the pool.

Potcake Place is a miracle worker for these puppies.  Jane and the volunteers work tirelessly to find worthy homes.  Read more about their good deeds and the history of the charitable organization on today.msnbc.  If you would like to adopt a Willow or another potcake pup, please click here.  If you are like us and already have a complete pet family but would like to help in some way, please think about couriering a pup to the forever home, fostering, or making a donation. Big thanks to all the kids who handled Willow with such gentleness and care, and of course Island Scoop and all the participating people for putting on such a fabulous party!

Operation Bloo!

The Turks and Caicos Islands are home to many animal lovers but few as great as my close friend Eliza.  Eliza has a heart as big as the ocean and is a philanthropist for so many amazing causes; tcspcapotcakeplaceProvo Children’s Home, and caracol childrens home just to name a few.  This incredible woman has selflessly devoted much of her life to helping others and today she needs help to save somebody close to her.  Please take a moment to visit operationbloo and if you have a little spare change
please consider to chipin by making a donation here.
Best of luck to Bloo from Pepper & Pikey!