Nearly three weeks ago my husband found a little blonde potcake puppy on the road (luckily a non busy stretch in the early morning near the Conch Farm), all on her lonesome, filthy, and so scared she ran under the car when my husband pulled over to investigate.  He scooped her up without much trouble and whisked her back to the house where she promptly received a bath, and plenty of food and water.   
We have loved welcoming this little bundle of fluff and big brown expressive eyes into our lives, but the time has come for her to leave us foster parents.  Please contact Potcake Place if you think Cupid may be a right new member for your home!
Cupid is now 8 weeks and ready to adopt! She has been such a joy to watch come out of her shy shell. Her first two days she wanted nothing more than to nuzzle next to you and bury her head under your arm or foot but now she is a confident, full energy, little lovergirl! She has been cohabiting well with a mature dog and cat, and is now fully potty trained and sleeps through the night!! Cupid will be a super loyal dog, she prefers to stay with you in sight at all times versus wandering and is a nice little alarm system already for cars coming in the drive. Cupid is looking for her forever home!

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