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Mini Office Makeover

Office Before
During a bookkeeping appointment with our accountant, it was relayed that she was having difficulty personalizing her office.  She had purchased a couple of prints and a small bamboo mirror, a few pieces that reminded her of her time living in Japan, but wasn’t certain how best to display them.  She wanted a cozier look and feel to her workspace but desired to keep things simple and organized.
TC Millwork Design set out to create a solution that would not require a great deal of expense or waiting time.  Firstly, we suggested removing all pieces in the room which did not have a specific function.  With the subtraction of a coffee table there was now room for a pair of interior plants to add some life and touch of green to the room.  A rug was top priority; we needed a style that would add texture, graphic pattern, and a splash of color to the space.  The rug pictured above was perfect to give the small room a central piece to tie it all together. 
  The room also needed a narrow display that would  house the collection of family photographs which previously sat clustered on the filing cabinet.  Floating shelves were ideal; a series of three in various lengths were hung, creating a contemporary clean look.
Office After
Do you have a space that could use a mini makeover or a collection of purchases that have been sitting idle?  Please contact us!

Handpainted Signage

I hit the ground running back in Turks and Caicos with a large corporate event planned by Tropical DMC for a fantastic repeat client.  This year this group went even bigger and better with four picture perfect evenings for their corporate client guests.  I custom made a few hand painted decor and signage items for the “Fast Eddie’s Tiki Bar” night hled at a local venue in Blue Hills.  The beach sign above included the distance from Turks and Caicos to several of the guests home cities.  This is a great idea for weddings and events to bring a real Caribbean look to any given beach.

A couple of dark wood masks were hand painted to go along with the bright and tropical colored surroundings.

And finally an 8′ x 5′ large mural, custom designed with the group’s own logo, was created as a photo back drop and focal point for the event.  
The following evening was hosted at The Estates, an incredibly chic and contemporary look was designed by Teresa Brunner using black, white, red, and damask decor and linens.  She contracted TC Millwork to make these shadowbox table numbers for this event.  These work very well for an outdoor function as they hold enough weight to resist wind and are large enough so guests can clearly read them even in dim ambiance lighting.
The corporate groups final night was certainly a soiree to behold; a superb job to all who made this  Gansevoort event such as smashing success.  To any who would doubt what an event team can accomplish on a small Caribbean island, feast your eyes on these beautiful images by Paradise Photography

Teresa utilized our collection of hand painted  fan corals for the table centerpieces, a nice touch for a beautifully executed ocean theme.  Amazing how much impact a fully draped tent has, transforming any decor from lovely to  gasp aloud stunning.

Huge thanks to Tropical Destination Management Co. for their continued loyal patronage, it is always a pleasure and honor to work with such a great company.

Scouting St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Please pardon the long absence, it has been March madness around here!   Mid month I arrived in beautiful St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a week long whirlwind tour of this 32 island Caribbean country.   Cindi Blair (cindiblairproductions & turksandcaicosproductions) and I arrived to scout, document, and explore, all made possible by invitation from the SVG Tourism Authority who had expertly arranged all our details.
  Our first stop, or might I say hop, Young Island, the place I knew by this iconic aerial image of a heart shaped 32 acre patch of green engulfed in blue.  What a perfect little escape, just a four minute ferry ride from St. Vincent and it’s 120,000 inhabitants and busy, by Caribbean standards, city streets.  It’s not all city that St. Vincent has to offer however; the islands elevation is in thanks to two partially submerged volcanoes towering high within the landscape.  The capital city, Kingstown, boasts the oldest botanic garden in the New World and waterfalls and hiking abound just over an hour from the city center.  At breakfast our first morning, looking out over the narrow channel separating Young Island from St. Vincent, we witnessed a family slipping on fins from their sailboat at anchor, diving into their day with a snorkel.  If we had not had a flight to Mustique to catch, we surely would have followed lead!
The moment we set foot on Mustique, it was apparent this was a lifestyle island, and that lifestyle is all about leisure. Just beyond the charming little airport lies miles of green grass dedicated to the retired horses of the equestrian centre (I can imagine horses worldwide swimming for Mustique’s shores for inclusion) This gentle giant African Baobab tree sits by the Bamboo Church not far from the children’s playground.  This island sanctuary envisioned by Lord Glennconnor has now grown to 75 fully fabulous vacation villas (development is capped to 100 homes), each one distinctive and incredible in its own right.  We were lucky enough to tour five of these luscious properties, each with endless opportunities for production clientele:
Mustique certainly has it all in terms of locations; from palatial estates to classic Caribbean charmers, modern minimalist architecture to opulent interiors, in every influence from Balinese to Mediterranean. And nestled within this exclusive but laid back 1,400 acre neighborhood lies the 17 room, effortlessly chic boutique hotel, Cotton House.   Here you will find an old stone mill, lily ponds, and veranda dining at the famous great-room-bar.  This is the only place of it’s kind on Mustique, take a great visual tour here
A short flight back to Young Island, we wrapped the day with a fantastic farewell dinner with our lovely host at Young Island, GM Bianca Porter.  Early the next morning I took a nature walk on the islands endless gardens where I captured this dawn image of neighboring Fort Duvernette and it’s stone handcut winding staircase before catching our next flight. 
Canouan island followed, where we were welcomed by the eloquent GM Cynzia and the cheerful staff of the Tamarind Beach Hotel.  Situated on an intimate stretch of white sand beach on a boat filled bay, it could not have been more picturesque.  
 Unlike many standard style norms in the Caribbean, Tamarind is darkly different . . . she is a shiny black pearl amongst a handful of white shells. Her entire exterior is painted velvety black, only the gingerbread trim is classic Caribbean white. 
 This would be an excellent accommodation choice for a production team. Every room is not only ocean view but beachfront; the lower level units have private porches with petite swinging gates opening to white sand while the upper level offers breezy rooms with vaulted ceilings. The handsome property feels very tropical getaway with its tiny hut beach bar, billowing draped reception, and a palapa style restaurant overlooking the water.  At night the Pirate Cove Bar comes alive,  with plenty of deck room for guests, locals, and sailors to eat, drink, and dance the night away.  

More importantly, Canouan is a great base for island hopping to the Tobago Cays.  A pick up on the private jetty and a swift boat ride and you may select the beach of your choice . . .

Mayreau not only offers amazing beaches, take a ten minute walk up to the village and you will find an old cobblestone Catholic church, dennis’s hideaway, and a half dozen quirky and colorful rasta inspired cafe’s and bars worth stepping into. 

Canouan Resort is all about luxury; a  sprawling 1200 acre private estate “featuring hidden coves, beautiful white sand beaches, championship 18-hole golf course, tennis, water sports, a 17th Century English Church located at the heart of the resort, 5 signature restaurants and bars, Sugar Palm Kids Club . . . ”
Golfers or not, the 13th hole has unforgettable 360 degree views; a green that falls off into nothing but sea and sky.   
 Union Island, a short distance south, is well known as a yachting hub.  Just off the jetty and walking to the main strip we saw a rainbow of bright colors; a circle of fruit stands and gift shops surrounding a grounded old boat, whose second lease on life is as an ice cream/snack shop and playground for young and old alike.
 We stayed a mile off Union Island in Palm Island, at the all-inclusive palmislandresort.
An afternoon walking tour of the island (formerly known as Prune Island until owner “Coconut Johny” transformed the place and the name with his ambitious planting) took us through nature trails and hikes up Iguana and Lookout Points,  steep climbs where the views paid off with the effort to reach them.
Our final night we journeyed back to St. Vincent to meet and dine with our SVG rep, Kathique Haynes.  As we pulled up to a long, dark driveway and unassuming place I felt a tinge of disappointment.  That disappointment dissolved the moment we descended down the steep slope and stepped into Driftwood.  What a savvy little surprise!  Simple style with natural decor and an easy elegance whose motto is Eat.Drink.Drift.  That we did. The food was delicious and our company was delightful and informative.  Kathique, like many Vincies we met, was friendly, professional, and a gracious host happy to share a wealth of information about her home country.  Our tour of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was an excellent experience and we are ever grateful to Jennifer at spring-obrien, Kathique and everyone at the SVGTA, and all the wonderful people we met along our way. 
Cindi Blair Productions and Turks and Caicos Productions are thrilled to soon present a sister site with a brand new database of thousands of images from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  What you see here is just a tiny taste of the many spectacular locations available.  Stay tuned!

International Women’s Day!

In celebration of internationalwomensday we created compliment bags for our project of the day at the ECGYC.  The girls had a great time decorating the bags and writing their very own inspirational messages and compliments for the lucky women they will choose to “fish” inside the bag.  Proof in the pudding that it is better to give than to receive.
A few great messages  (pictured right to left) you may want to pass along to the fantastic women in your life:
“Your face shines like the sun!”
“You ROCK . . . . everyday!”
“You just being here is God’s gift to someone!”
“You make me believe in my education!”
“You have a heart of gold!”
Thank you to these young women at the center, you all make me so proud!

Commissioned works and modifications

The above painting sat idly at Framing Grace Gallery for several months, when all of the other paintings within this series flew off the wall as fast as I could finish them.  Gallery proprietor Joelle Behlmaier and I agreed to modify the colors from less emerald and royal to more tiffany box blue based on the feedback from gallery guests.
As I primarily paint on finished plywood frames, I am able to quickly sand layers away and add new without the risk of damaging canvas.  I wanted to soften this piece overall and also add more life to the bottom corner that felt a bit empty before.

This piece demonstrates nicely that with my paintings, the work is never set in stone! Clients are more than welcome to provide input throughout the creation of a commissioned work.  Texture, design, layout, and color can all be modified to meet your every expectation.  Even in the case of part time residents who are not able to visit the studio, progress reports and photographs may be corresponded through e-mail.