Mini Office Makeover

Office Before
During a bookkeeping appointment with our accountant, it was relayed that she was having difficulty personalizing her office.  She had purchased a couple of prints and a small bamboo mirror, a few pieces that reminded her of her time living in Japan, but wasn’t certain how best to display them.  She wanted a cozier look and feel to her workspace but desired to keep things simple and organized.
TC Millwork Design set out to create a solution that would not require a great deal of expense or waiting time.  Firstly, we suggested removing all pieces in the room which did not have a specific function.  With the subtraction of a coffee table there was now room for a pair of interior plants to add some life and touch of green to the room.  A rug was top priority; we needed a style that would add texture, graphic pattern, and a splash of color to the space.  The rug pictured above was perfect to give the small room a central piece to tie it all together. 
  The room also needed a narrow display that would  house the collection of family photographs which previously sat clustered on the filing cabinet.  Floating shelves were ideal; a series of three in various lengths were hung, creating a contemporary clean look.
Office After
Do you have a space that could use a mini makeover or a collection of purchases that have been sitting idle?  Please contact us!

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