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Fleur de Lys Villa supports the Arc of Natrona County

The Arc of Natrona County came into existence in 1964 as an informal parent organization for children with disabilities.  Formally incorporated in 1977, the mission remains; 
“The Arc is committed to securing for all people with cognitive, intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose and realize their goals of where and how they learn, live, work and play. The Arc is further committed to reducing the incidence and limiting the consequence of developmental disabilities through education, research, advocacy and the support of families, friends and community.”
For as long as I can remember my mom has been dedicated to several charity organizations, one of those big hearts that never tires of giving time, attention, and resources to those in need.  She took special interest in the Arc, serving on the board and as an officer, over the course of many years.  For this much needed and respected organization, and in thanks to her, we donated a one week stay at Fleur de Lys Villa for the Arc’s charity auction hosted early this year.
The winning bid went to Mark and Lesley Vigneri, who brought six friends for a week of rest and relation. Mark, who serves on the board and just so happens to be an old friend from school, and Lesley, who serves as the Arc’s secretary, enjoyed a week of picture perfect weather; days spent at the beach, adventures on the water, and nights out enjoying several of Provo’s best restaurants.  

 We all got together for dinner their final night at the legendary Blue Hills establishment, Da Conch Shack.  Fabulous local faire, uppity island music, and toes in the sand as you do the conga line!  We had a great time getting caught up and hearing about their week.  These philanthropists deserved an incredible vacation and we were so thrilled to hear they got one that exceeded their expectations!
To learn more about the Arc, please see the many programs they offer here.  To learn more about the wonderful people that the Arc assists, please see this amazing youtube video below about Carly and her breakthrough in autism;


Wild Wyoming

4th of July in the Tetons!
Grand Teton sunset
 Full moon at the cabin
 Never expected to find Turks and Caicos colored water in WY!  Natural geysers in Yellowstone
Yellowstone buffalo 

So fantastic to spend some time home on the range, gave me a reinforced feeling that I am incredibly fortunate to call myself a Wyomingite.
 Thanks Mom for the new kicks.  Dad and are were a pretty stylish pair on our hikes!  Such fun, thanks dad for joining us on this leg of our adventure!

More from beautiful British Columbia to follow soon . . . .

For Sterling

Happy 18th birthday little brother! You may or may not remember that you were my photo subject for many journalism and art projects my junior and senior years in high school. This particular photo was taken at your favorite stomping ground, then and now . . . on the mountain! Before the Broken Spur Cafe was a restaurant, it was the Mountaineer’s Mercantile, a charming little establishment with everything from wool sweaters to dry goods. When you were 5 it had a western style petting zoo around back, which I think I may have been more excited about than you at the time. You were such a good sport that day; the hat was too big and kept falling off, the boots were probably a size small, and the turkeys weren’t exactly friendly. You didn’t seem to mind these little excursions I took you on, I don’t remember you ever throwing a tantrum when I dressed you up or made you my model. And today, at 18, you still carry that easy attitude and open mind. Whatever the future brings your way, retain those qualities and life will be good. Period. Today on your way up that winding road to go “shreddin” on your snowboard, glance over at the Broken Spur and remember that your big sis thinks your star, forever and always.