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In December of 2013 Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed JCREW back for another charming swim photo shoot.  We had lots of familiar faces in this crew so a good time was had by all.


Photographer: Mei Tao

Women’s Stylist: Gayle Spannaus

Men’s Stylist: Jack O’Connor

Hair: Souhi Lee

Make-up: Make Hasegawa

Prop Stylist:  Brian Jensen

JCrew Behind the Scenes

JCREW is a fan of driftwood too!
Photographing the jcrew kids at one of my favorite places on Provo, Pirate’s Cove.
All photos by Pepper Key Stacie
Our final day and final shot highlighted by a gorgeous Fort George sunset.  How cute is the crew’s thank you message to Turks and Caicos Productions?  We, and the islands, thank J.CREW for selecting us for their location and production team and capturing our little Caribbean country with such grace and style.  We welcome you back anytime!

JCREW Wedding Collection

All images by Mei Tao
JCREW first launched it’s wedding collection in 2004, creating an alternate avenue for couples seeking a simpler approach than the typical taffetta and tulle overload.  By 2009 even high fashion brides were hooked and W Magazine was taking notice “I do” to J.CREW .  Their collections always have something ideal for beach weddings (like these sand, soft peach, and pale pink options above) and everyone should agree that the prices leave breathing room in the wedding budget.  As a bride or a bridesmaid you can easily wear that dress again, a practical and eco savvy choice.


Photographed by Paola Kudacki for JCrew May 2010 catalog

I am pleased as pie to finally be able to share the fruits of labor for a shoot I worked on in late January and early February.  The “CREW” (pun intended) were a real pleasure to work with, especially producer Tara Rehak who was consistently, 10 days straight, full of sunshine and incredibly on the ball.  I saw a couple of familiar faces upon arrival; Troi Ollivierre, hair stylist extroardinaire who created these wild and lovely windswept do’s and Brian Jensen, props assistant who helped transform Southwest Bluff beach into this ridiculously cool kid’s camp:

Photographed by Mei Tao
A new noteworthy face was Erica Muncy; an assistant wardrobe stylist with a super fun, foot loose, and fancy free sense of fashion and humor that kept me anxiously anticipating what she would not only say but wear next.  All in all, we had a very talented group of professionals who made this shoot as fantastic on set, as it is now reads in the catalog.  I have purposely left you craving for more so please visit
 A Day In Paradise Behind the Scenes, you will not be disappointed!  To view Turks and Caicos specifically featured in the catalog, please see pages 1-33, 82-94
Many thanks to all involved, including our local catering, pa’s, transportation and prop suppliers.  Well done everyone! Please visit Turks and Caicos Productions to see more recent clients and works and stay posted here for Wedding, Swim, and Behind the Scenes Images!!!