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Pinch Me

One of our engagement photos by Brilliant, used in our DIY thank you postcards

I got the unbelievable news last Thursday but was too afraid to shout it out loud in case I dreamed it all up by accident.  Abby Larson of style me pretty sent us a message that she considered our submission not only worthy of a mention here, on her stunning site idolized and adored by brides and wedding vendors across the globe, but also thought it would be a nice fit for today’s guest blog entry on . . . . . . drum roll please . .  . .  . . the brides guide on martha stewart weddings!!!!!!  Sorry for the exaggerated pause, I needed a moment to spin some cartwheels.  Martha has been a fixture in my family.  A holiday would not go by without referencing one or two of her crafty creations.  I received the artsy-crafty bug (or maybe crafty-artsy according to my peers in art school who knew I was primarily more of the former versus the later) from my dearly departed grandmother Susan.  As much as I am thrilled to bits and pieces to even have our wedding  considered amongst such delicious design as you see in the last couple of entries, the biggest feather in my hat is feeling like I made Susan proud today.  A  major muwaaawh and merci beaucoup to Abby and to all those who make Style Me Pretty a joy to read each and every day.