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I  am joyously overwhelmed to report that the TCI will not be implementing a Value Added Tax here in the Turks and Caicos Islands come April 1, 2013.  Please read the full article, no-vat-for-turks-and-caicos-islands, in this mornings SUN.  Much gratitude to the Turks and Caicos Independent Business Council, to Rufus Ewing and entire PNP party, to the Opposition leader Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson and the PDM party, and to everyone in this community who joined together to oppose this undemocratic tax that would have crippled our country.  I can not express our relief on behalf of TC Millwork.  As a local manufacturer; a company that imports raw materials to handcraft and manufacture custom products right here on our local shores, the VAT tax would have been a death sentence for our business which we have worked so hard to build since 2006. 

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Also headline news announced today, Planning has categorically denied permission to Dolphin Cove!  We have so much to be thankful for this fine Tuesday morning!  I urge everyone to put all their joy, all their relief, all their positive thoughts back into building this community and this Beautiful by Nature country for a brighter future!