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Harbour Island

Harbour Island

Last May I found myself in Harbour Island for work, what a dream come true!  On this colorful Caribbean island all the houses look like postcard covers.  Just look at the harbor below!

04.02.2014 063

The sand blushes pink, can it get any cuter?

04.03.2014 179 04.03.2014 221

I have been studying Caribbean architecture since setting foot in the Turks and Caicos eleven years ago so this was a bit of a mecca trip for me.  Picket fences framing coastal cottages in every direction.

04.03.2014 325 04.03.2014 328 04.03.2014 332 04.03.2014 335

Golf buggies are the preferred transport method of residents and guests alike, much more practical to zip along the narrow streets and admire the views.

04.03.2014 342 04.03.2014 347 04.03.2014 350 04.03.2014 356 04.03.2014 363 04.03.2014 380 04.03.2014 401 04.03.2014 431 04.03.2014 563

Even Harbour Islands haunted house looks like something out of a fairy tale.  Reminds me of one of my favorite flicks Paradiso Perduto, or Ca d’Zan, the decaying but gorgeous Venetian  manor house featured in the 1998 Great Expectations.

04.03.2014 575 04.03.2014 579 06.04.2014 299 06.04.2014 333 06.04.2014 335

This image below is one of my favorites, I feel it captures the light and bright nature of this quiet little island.

06.04.2014 336 06.04.2014 338 06.04.2014 339 06.04.2014 340

Swimsuits For All Shoot

Suimsuits For All photo shoot Turks and Caicos
In March of 2014 Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed Swimsuits For All, our very first plus size shoot. This is a very cool company, read below.

Diving In

At swimsuitsforall we believe that some of the most memorable times in our lives are spent wearing a swimsuit. By helping make those experiences better, happier, and accessible to anyone and everyone, we are making the world a better place to swim in.

Here’s how we do it:

Design Fit

We’re on a mission to help you find the best swimsuit—one that fits, flatters, and best reflects your personal style. We vow to replace swimwear shopping-dread with 100% satisfaction. How? By creating a seamless experience with supportive customer service and hassle-free returns and exchanges. It’s our Design Fit Guarantee!

Style For All

We’re thrilled to provide superb fashion and design. We give you what you deserve.

Our Favorite Curve on a Woman is Her Smile

We live to serve, and the measure of our success is your satisfaction. Our goal is to make wearing swimwear—and shopping for it—a source of pleasure, confidence and pride for you every time.

Swim Sexy

We help you feel sexy, attractive and beautiful every time you put on one of our swimsuits.

High Performance at Every Curve

We combine style and femininity with high performance quality to enhance your active lifestyle and overall wellness.

24/7 Value

Say hello to serious savings on major style. Not only do we offer competitive prices and a huge selection, but we do it in one convenient place.

Live Life. Swim.

 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0002 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0003 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0004 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0005 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0006 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0007 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0008 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0009 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0010 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0011 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0012 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0013 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0014 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0015 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0016 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0017 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0018 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0019 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0020 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0021

One of the models  Gabi Fresh, is a fierce fashion blogger.  Another, Laura Jane Wells an environmental activist.  And another, Katie Wilcox an amazing motivational speaker who just so happens to be a girl from my very own hometown of Casper, Wyoming!   Please see more with the Article and Video: Daily Mail

Photographer: Michael Edwards

Hair: Andrew Fitzsimons

Make-up: Chris Colbeck