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Lands End Photo Shoot

lands end 4

Last January, Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed Lands End to Turks and Caicos to shoot their Swim and Family Spring 2015 Campaign.  This was our first time working with Minnow11 Productions and the fabulous Lindsay McGill.  She’s a Hawaii based producer, (mama to TWO pro surfers, how cool is that!) so was great to work with someone who automatically gets what is is to produce on an island!

lands end 2

We were thrilled to cast some of our local kiddies in the campaign.  Those of you in the know, check out Adrien in the super cute striped rashguard above and below.  Little Lewis taking a stroll for Toddlers, too!

lands end

And one of our famous potcakes got in on the fun too!  Big thanks to Potcake Place who are always on board, tireless stage moms so these furry friends get to model.  These ads do help raise awareness about these special pups looking for forever homes.  If you have a big heart for homeless dogs please consider making a donation.


See that scrumptious pail-on-her-head cutie-patootie below far right?  That’s a dear friends darling, Selah!

selah snip

It’s always fun to work on shoots that want boats.  This sailboat beauty in the background had just been restored by a neighbor friend, great way to relaunch her!

lands end 3

Sometimes we need more from a boat than to just float around looking pretty.  This shoot required a big enough boat to haul 30 cast and crew plus equipment quickly to an outer island where we had found the perfect location for the below spread.  See a little more of the behind the scenes images at Lands End On Location. Come back and see us again Lands End!

Lands End 5

Photographer: Anne Menke

Hair: Moiz Alladina

Make-Up: Lisa Aharon


Photographer: Daymion Mardel

Hair: Craig Honeycut

Make-up: Danielle Priano

Baby GAP shoot

Baby Gap baby's first moments

Baby Gap baby’s first moments,little firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, North6Productions

Last November Turks and Caicos Productions teamed up with North6 Productions, this time for Baby GAP.  Watch the little firsts video here

Baby GAP, Little firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

Baby GAP, Little firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

I had the opportunity to cast some of our beautiful local babies for this client.  Evan, the precious pictured above, thanks to her mommy being a photographer and a laid back awesome mom at that, got to spend quite a lot of time with us on set.  Nothing like a newborn to steal the show!

Baby GAP, Little firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

Baby GAP, Little firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

Aisla was called in last minute. Luckily she fit the clothes perfectly and was such a sound sleeper that she didn’t move a muscle when the stylist smeared the frosting on her face and hand for this first birthday snooze shot.

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, North6Productions, Turks and Caicos Productions

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, North6Productions, Turks and Caicos Productions

It’s hard work being a baby model!  Luckily we had booked a few local nanny’s, my very own Nenette was nicknamed the baby whisperer after she lullabied eight babes back to back into dreamland.

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, North6Productions, Turks and Caicos Productions

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, North6Productions, Turks and Caicos Productions

I never thought the potholes in Leeward would ever be needed for something useful!

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot,  Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, local casting

The “tiny sprout” above is our local Lea, who just so happens to be the niece of one of our favorite production assistants!

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot,  Turks and Caicos Productions, North 6 Productions

Baby GAP, Little Firsts shoot, Turks and Caicos Productions, North 6 Productions

Bring on the babies Baby GAP, we would love to welcome you back!

Photographer: Stefano Azario

Stylist: Jet Vervest


David Yurman featuring Kate Moss


David Yurman Kate Moss Turks and Caicos shoot

Can you believe the above shot was done in a black box set up on the beach in Turks and Caicos?  Believe it!  Last April Turks and Caicos Productions had the great opportunity to work with industry icons Peter Lindbergh and Kate Moss.  This was another pairing with North Six, so we had great fun getting this beautiful campaign shot.


PopSugar reports from the Yurman team “Don’t accuse Kate Moss of following in any model’s footsteps — though Kate Upton and Gisele Bündchen were the latest faces to front a David Yurman campaign, Kate, of course, did it first when she was the face of the brand 10 years ago. And Moss is back for more this Fall with a beachy campaign shot by Peter Lindbergh that pays homage to the long-term fashion friendship.

The Enduring Style shoot features black-and-white photos from both decades with 2004 and 2014 images proving that both Yurman’s jewelry and Moss are truly timeless beauties. See the images and go behind the scenes with the team in the gallery.

David-Yurman-Kate-Moss-Turks-Caicos-0003 David-Yurman-Kate-Moss-Turks-Caicos-0004 David-Yurman-Kate-Moss-Turks-Caicos-0005 David-Yurman-Kate-Moss-Turks-Caicos-0006

A few behind the scenes images, check out our local PA’s Michael and Lavardio pictured top left assisting the photo team with scrims.David-Yurman-Kate-Moss-Turks-Caicos-0007

Behind-Scenes-Kate-Moss-David-Yurman-Photo-Shoot Behind-Scenes-Kate-Moss-David-Yurman-Photo-Shoot PLPhotographer: Peter Lindbergh

Make-up: Tom Pecheux

Hair: Christiaan H

Stylist: Julia Von Boehm

Set Designer: Colin Donahue

Kate Upton for Vogue by Mario Testino



As the blog attests, January was a stellar month for Turks and Caicos Productions. We welcomed several high profile clients for this shoot for British VOGUE.  Such a beautiful cover, Kate Upton channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe!


This was my first time working with photographer Mario Testino, what a charmer!  He took famously to one of our PA’s, what a treat to see the light-hearted dynamic between he and his crew.


Kate was down to earth and very approachable, easy to see why her “it” girl status has had staying power.  Her passing made men stare and jaws drop, but she’s a very sweet despite her sex symbol stardom.

Kate-Upton-Vogue-Mario-Testino-0004 Kate-Upton-Vogue-Mario-Testino-0005

Photographer: Mario Testino

Fashion Director: Lucinda Chambers

Hair: James Pecis

Make-up: Tom Pecheux

Take a look at the behind the scenes video:

We were happy to see Turks and Caicos made a remarkable impression on Mario, he posted the below photo on his instagram as he departed.  We hope to see you back soon Mario, for work or for play!

Mario Testino instagram


Swimsuits For All Shoot

Suimsuits For All photo shoot Turks and Caicos
In March of 2014 Turks and Caicos Productions welcomed Swimsuits For All, our very first plus size shoot. This is a very cool company, read below.

Diving In

At swimsuitsforall we believe that some of the most memorable times in our lives are spent wearing a swimsuit. By helping make those experiences better, happier, and accessible to anyone and everyone, we are making the world a better place to swim in.

Here’s how we do it:

Design Fit

We’re on a mission to help you find the best swimsuit—one that fits, flatters, and best reflects your personal style. We vow to replace swimwear shopping-dread with 100% satisfaction. How? By creating a seamless experience with supportive customer service and hassle-free returns and exchanges. It’s our Design Fit Guarantee!

Style For All

We’re thrilled to provide superb fashion and design. We give you what you deserve.

Our Favorite Curve on a Woman is Her Smile

We live to serve, and the measure of our success is your satisfaction. Our goal is to make wearing swimwear—and shopping for it—a source of pleasure, confidence and pride for you every time.

Swim Sexy

We help you feel sexy, attractive and beautiful every time you put on one of our swimsuits.

High Performance at Every Curve

We combine style and femininity with high performance quality to enhance your active lifestyle and overall wellness.

24/7 Value

Say hello to serious savings on major style. Not only do we offer competitive prices and a huge selection, but we do it in one convenient place.

Live Life. Swim.

 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0002 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0003 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0004 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0005 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0006 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0007 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0008 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0009 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0010 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0011 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0012 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0013 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0014 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0015 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0016 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0017 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0018 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0019 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0020 Suimsuits-for-all-shoot-tci-0021

One of the models  Gabi Fresh, is a fierce fashion blogger.  Another, Laura Jane Wells an environmental activist.  And another, Katie Wilcox an amazing motivational speaker who just so happens to be a girl from my very own hometown of Casper, Wyoming!   Please see more with the Article and Video: Daily Mail

Photographer: Michael Edwards

Hair: Andrew Fitzsimons

Make-up: Chris Colbeck