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Happy 4th of July!

Images by Slim Aarons originally posted on mrs lilien

I like the idea of an independence day weekend being spent near water; a lake, a river, an ocean – no matter, preferably with a bbq, a boat, and a cocktail nearby.  I like the idea of red, white, and blues, fruits, flags, and pies. But I can do WITHOUT the fireworks and if you want to know why, click to Declare your independence from toxic fireworks pollution.  Once you know that those beautiful blasts fill the environment and your lungs with cancer and chemicals, I bet you’ll agree that you could do without them too.  
Doesn’t this blondy scream All-American?   Khaki, gingham, stripes, and pearly whites.  I don’t dwelve much into the topic of fashion but in honor of my homeland, I want to spread the word on a company that hits close to home, the 1939 clothier.  This one is for the fellas, a California based gentleman’s brand of well-mades in the good ol’ US of A.   Jimmy is family and Jimmy’s blog is fantastic, a great slice of Americana-classic cars, denim, and yard sales.

Photographs taken between 1916-1919, depictions were created using hundreds of people