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Wednesday Woodworks – Saphire Sunsets

Here are the professional images by Steve Passmore of Provo Pictures from Saphire Sunset Villa in beautiful Chalk Sound.   TC Millwork completed this extensive renovation just before the New Year. You may read more about this incredible makeover here.
As much as our company is known for it’s beautiful wood works, these photos are a testament to the competence of our construction.  The pool and patio areas above, designed by Coast Architects, were a completely new addition to the well located Sopadilla beach front home.
Custom doors, kitchen, and built-ins
All images from homeaway

Wednesday Woodworks – Fleur de Lys Villas Fourth Bath

On deadline for the first of February, the fourth bathroom at Fleur de Lys Villa was complete!   After converting the pool house/art studio to an additional bedroom last September, we quickly realised how beneficial a fourth bathroom would be to our guests.  After gathering a few indoor/outdoor bath inspirations we quickly set to work the first week of January.  The new bath features a large terrazzo shower, louvered doors and back wall for breeze and ventilation, bright white open rafter roof and tongue and grooved side walls, and a few charming details such as below to create the cottage like ambiance.
Here are a few photos below while the bath was in progress.
Modifying the existing native stone path to curve to the new doorway.
Painted frame ready for the louver doors and panels, floor ready to be tiled.
Pebble stones collected from the beach, laid out in design for the base of the terrazzo shower.
Big thanks to the TC Millwork team for all their hard work to complete this lovely bath in a very short four weeks!  Bravo everyone!

Wednesday Woodworks – Indoor/Outdoor Bathroom Inspirations

Image via keenandfitting
Today we broke ground on a fourth bathroom for the Cotton Cottage at fleur de lys villa.  This was a project we had been considering for quite some time so are thrilled to put the plan into motion.  The layout will resemble the above image, a long room that will feel like a sun room; an indoor extension of the outdoors, a bright and airy space full of sunshine.
Image via coastal living
The room will feature large doors at either end that will open to already existing curved native stone paths wrapping around the cottage to the pool.
image via myhomeideas
Image via southernliving
As much as we would absolutely adore a lovely tub like in the above images, 
we will most likely keep it simple with a shower framed in the center of the fully louvered back wall.  Stay posted for before and after images to come!

Wednesday Woodworks – Kitchen Refinish

Kitchen Before
TC Millwork has been hard at work on a few varied projects but only one is ready to share today.  This dark kitchen was a sore spot on an otherwise lofty and light beach side penthouse.  It was well built and had lovely details, it just needed a facelift to take it from dreary to dreamy.
We love the new contrast of the dark counter tops to the creamy kitchen!