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For Sterling

Happy 18th birthday little brother! You may or may not remember that you were my photo subject for many journalism and art projects my junior and senior years in high school. This particular photo was taken at your favorite stomping ground, then and now . . . on the mountain! Before the Broken Spur Cafe was a restaurant, it was the Mountaineer’s Mercantile, a charming little establishment with everything from wool sweaters to dry goods. When you were 5 it had a western style petting zoo around back, which I think I may have been more excited about than you at the time. You were such a good sport that day; the hat was too big and kept falling off, the boots were probably a size small, and the turkeys weren’t exactly friendly. You didn’t seem to mind these little excursions I took you on, I don’t remember you ever throwing a tantrum when I dressed you up or made you my model. And today, at 18, you still carry that easy attitude and open mind. Whatever the future brings your way, retain those qualities and life will be good. Period. Today on your way up that winding road to go “shreddin” on your snowboard, glance over at the Broken Spur and remember that your big sis thinks your star, forever and always.