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Beach Barn Before and After- Headboards

I did not manage to get a wednesday+woodworks post completed yesterday but I hope to make up for it with today’s before and after project.  The Long Bay Beach Barn is filled with  locally sourced, and often refinished, furnishings.  I purchased this pair of headboards at the old Salvation-Army last year for $40.  I started by painting them ivory and adding a light distress.  I then had mirror cut for the inset areas which I antiqued and set in place.  I love the way they turned out and how versatile they are; the pretty pair can be set up as a single daybed, as a matching pair of single beds, or the two singles joined together for one big shabby chic king sized headboard!

TC Millwork’s Biggest Before and After 2011

We can’t believe it has already been a year since we completed 2010’s biggest before and after and now here we are featuring 2011’s!  Midway through last summer TC Millwork started work on this fantastic project in Chalk Sound.  The villa had an outstanding location but was much in need of a reinvention and that is just what it received through the eyes of Coast Architects. Here are a few before images:
Front of House
Rear of House
And a few more images in progress to show just how far this villa has come:
Framing in the pool
Installing the brand new kitchen and vanity cabinetry
Installing the custom doors leading out to the pool and beach
Six months later, presto chango!  Take a peek at a few after images of the new and improved
 Front of house
Custom built entrance doors and freshly painted bright white interiors and ceilings
New windows ideal for capturing natural light in the lofty great room
Bedroom with patio overlooking the beach
Custom kitchen
I like to think of the pool as the grand finale of this villa and most certainly of our extensive renovation.  It posed quite the challenge considering the limitations necessary for keeping regulated proximity to the beach.  Beautiful design by Chris Davies, beautifully executed by the TC Millwork!
Great way to wrap up 2011 team!  Looking forward to all the 2012 projects, big and small, and all the clients, from frequent to first time, to come! 
Happy New Year!

DIY Pillow Cover

Before: placemat
I am a huge fan of recovering throw pillows.  Fresh covers can update a room or piece of furniture easily and affordably.  Here is one of the quickest conversions I have used time and time again. Purchase a double sided fabric placemat, take out a 2-3 inch section with a seam ripper, stuff and restitch the seams together.  These two ivory and black pillows took 25 minutes!
After: Decorative Pillows

August Projects

If there is one positive aspect of hurricane season, it is the process of purging that usually comes along with the many preparations.  Often a sideways glance at an object that has done nothing but gather dust for the last few months means it is headed to the dump or either the TCI Red Cross or The-Salvation-Army-Turks-and-Caicos-Islands.   The metal trolley and the salvaged sloop pieces made the “stay” cut so we took the weekend to finally breathe new life into these rusty and dusty discards.
The metal rolling frame had to be cut down as it was about eleven inches too large too accept the pair of black bamboo and cane barstools I acquired at It’s Stuff Consignment Shop.  After the frame was shrunk and the casters sprayed, we built a box that would allow for storage within the island.  Then the pieces of the old sloop were milled so they could be placed side by side and then cut to the proper height.  Two side panels were cladded and four doors were hinges to the cabinetry box.  The white countertop was a temporary solution for a client’s office who had no use for it once the permanent table top was completed.  The high gloss finish makes for a super easy to clean kitchen surface.  

I love our new island, it’s a perfect fit for our rustic beach barn.
The second project, this pair of metal arm chairs pictured above, is on it’s third reincarnation.  Years ago I made plywood seat and back rests and covered them with cream sunbrella fabric.  Then for our wedding I recovered them in vintage fabric and utilised them for our bride and groom sweetheart table.  Now they will go back to Fleur de Lys Villa, where the extra padding and facelift will provide comfortable seats for villa guests to enjoy the courtyard.
The harp table was a May project blog post.