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Field Guide Fridays – Wild Allamanda

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 The Wild Allamanda, Pentalinon Luteum, is currently in full bloom in the Turks and Caicos Islands (they bloom all year but peak in spring or summer).  These vines may grow 8-15′ and are easily distinguished thanks to their glossy leaves and bright yellow trumpet shaped blossoms.  These pretty climbers are perfect for Turks and Caicos; they enjoy full sun, prefer sandy or limestone soils, and are fairly drought and salt tolerant.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are visitors and the Watch out for the sap as it is poisenous when ingested and may cause skin rashes or eye irritants.  To find out more about these beautiful vines, please see
These vines host the larvae of the Syntomeida epilais, or polka-dot moth wasp pictured below.
image by Dixie Native found on flickr

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