One Nine Interior Design

A year ago I was approached by TDMG Concordia, to consult on a new beachfront project planned for Long Bay.  They had already advanced nicely with the architectural plans but a few modifications called for a renewed consideration of the interior design.  Familiar with many of TDMG’s island builds, and the sterling reputation that precedes the company, I was thrilled to be asked and eager to begin work.  The prime location of the project to be, pictured above.

By March of  2020 we had made excellent progress but life as we knew it, and subsequently the project, came to an abrupt halt due to the pandemic.  The carefully curated textile and material samples I kept in neat order in my office for months with high hopes that they would not need to be shelved altogether.  Just as my optimism had begun to dim, TDMG brought welcome news that One Nine would endure . . .  as long as we could reimagine the project with directives from the new market needs.  We immediately set to work and here lies the first glimpse of the new One Nine revealed.

The process has been incredibly gratifying, not only from the standpoint of  working with highly professional and experienced teams at both TDMG and TKCA, the property management company, but also in that there was opportunity for improvements with each decision.  We started with something great but we committed to and arrived at something exceptional; lower density, higher style, less units, more spacious and luxurious.

I look forward to sharing the more on this project soon! For more information on pricing and availability, please reach out to TDMG.

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