Commissioned works and modifications

The above painting sat idly at Framing Grace Gallery for several months, when all of the other paintings within this series flew off the wall as fast as I could finish them.  Gallery proprietor Joelle Behlmaier and I agreed to modify the colors from less emerald and royal to more tiffany box blue based on the feedback from gallery guests.
As I primarily paint on finished plywood frames, I am able to quickly sand layers away and add new without the risk of damaging canvas.  I wanted to soften this piece overall and also add more life to the bottom corner that felt a bit empty before.

This piece demonstrates nicely that with my paintings, the work is never set in stone! Clients are more than welcome to provide input throughout the creation of a commissioned work.  Texture, design, layout, and color can all be modified to meet your every expectation.  Even in the case of part time residents who are not able to visit the studio, progress reports and photographs may be corresponded through e-mail.

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