Field Guide Fridays – Migratory Bird Press Release

All images taken at Fleur de Lys
At Fleur de Lys Villa we are fortunate to see many different species of birds on a daily basis.  The nationally protected reserve which borders the villa property is just one of many throughout the country.  In the Turks and Caicos Islands birds are protected by law.  The DECR has just wrapped up an especially active month of bird monitoring:

“The Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) has been collecting data on just how important our natural habitats are to migratory birds. . . . The data generated while DECR conducts these activities is sent back to SCSCB, who will process it along with similar regional data. When combined, this gives us a good idea of which birds are moving through which areas, when. This is especially important because many of these birds are under pressure in part of their range, either by habitat destruction or other danger.”

Please read the full press release here.
The above species needs identified, if you recognize it, please post a message!  Identifying birds is most often about sight; identifying it’s characteristics including size, shape, coloring, movement, and flight pattern.  But this very special species below can easily be identified by it’s unique call.  Take a listen . . .
The West Indian Whistling Duck is an endangered species that is globally threatened.  If you have heard this beautiful call, consider yourself very fortunate for this is not only a rare bird, but one of the less vocal species of ducks.  Please visit scscb to find out more about Caribbean birds and how to help.  Please log all your bird sightings on to assist keeping this species and many more alive and well.

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