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Lucky’s Last Sunset

  Image via Andre Jeanerat, Lucky’s papa
My last post touched upon our endearing relationship to our pets, which becomes terribly poignant when they pass.  Lucky had been a part of our lives for a decade and though we couldn’t claim him as our own, we were fortunate to have him live with us for many weeks at a time while dad traveled.  I have never met a potcake so obsessed with food!   He LIVED for the glory of eating and would journey for miles in search of the perfect jackpot of garbage!  We would always get a good laugh at the steadfast eyes that would never leave the morsel in your hand.  I remember a beach birthday where a friend had prepared a giant snapper for the bbq.  The morning after we discovered the garbage bags shredded bottom, and a few feet later the snapper skeleton; bright white, clean as a whistle, and totally intact.   Calypso the cat was not to blame:)
Lucky wasn’t as fond of exercise.  In the weeks he stayed with us I would take him jogging on the beach in the mornings.  He preferred a slower pace so I would refrain from putting him on a leash.  Often times he would just sit and wait for us when he would tucker out but sometimes he would disappear and refuse to return at the shout of his name.  Nine times out of ten he would be at the garbage bins behind Flamingo Bar, rummaging away, pretending as if he had not heard the calling.  
We said our final tearful goodbyes September 18th, Lucky lived a long and happy thirteen years.  Goodbye old boy!

A wedding, 3 birthdays, and other adventures in Quebec

After leaving B.C. we were off to Montreal to attend Stephane’s youngest sisters wedding.  Marie Pierre was a glowing bride and we had such fun preparing for, then celebrating, her big day!
Take a long look as this may be the first and last time we ever see Stephane in a tux and Andre in a suit and tie!
 Marie Pierre & Joey 
Aug 4, 2012
Joey is quite the musician, no nerves as he serenaded his adoring bride, his dancing mum just beside, and all the guests.

I have been fortunate to be a part of many weddings yet this is the first time I have ever seen this hysterical game played.  The blindfolded bride must pick her grooms legs from the line-up.  Sure enough Marie singled Joey out even after a few switch-a-roos by the MC.
Once again consider myself so lucky to be a part of this fun loving family! The good timin’ gals; sister in laws Nancy, Marie Pierre, mother in law Giselaine, and niece Valerie.

After all that excitement we hit one of our favorite roads, the Circuit du Paysan, to enjoy the countryside and eat and drink merrily.

This year we made a couple of new stops; the alpaca farm alpagadore, which was highly interesting to learn about the superiority, the softness, fineness, and quality of their coats in comparison to wools.  These cuties are relatively easy to care for, they require much less food than other animals of their size, and are clean critters.  The fiber comes in 52 natural shades and is used to make all kinds of textile clothing and crafts.
Just outside Saint Armand, in the Eastern Townships, the domaineduridge winery is not to miss.  After sampling a generous selection of their many wines, we were ready to stop for the night!

Also in the Eastern Townships, Magog, a charming little city full of pedestrians and people enjoying the great outdoors.

We paid a visit to an old friend at his family’s summer home, which was every inch as lovely as every embellished story ever told about her.

How dreamy to have spent childhood summers at this lake house!

It was a real treat to have lunch at such an adored and well lived in cottage, and the company and conversation  to match.

After making our way back to Montreal, we did a day trip to the espace pour la vie.  First stop, the biodome, a unique museum which houses 4 ecosystems under one roof; a tropical rainforest, a Laurentian maple forest, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the sub-polar regions of the America’s, the Labrador Coast and Sub-Antarctic Islands.

 Second up was the insectarium, where the entire spectrum of natures incredible colors were displayed in thousands of species of insects across the globe.  

Did you know that there are more species of beetles on the planet, some 400,000 different types, than any other animal species?  Check out this fascinating article on

Our third and final stop was the Botanical Gardens, my personal favorite, 74 hectares boasting 30 outdoor gardens, an arboretum, and 56 greenhouses used for collections, research, and production.

 These remarkable bonsais are hundreds of years old!

After viewing this place I feel so silly complaining about the upkeep of fluerdelysvilla’s yard!  If you are a garden enthusiast, be sure to check out their Green Pages, full of helpful hints!  Unfortunately the rain cut short our stay, it is a very long run to the parking lot in a downpour fyi!

Just before we left Quebec we were able to ring in three of the girls birthdays; from left to right Valerie’s 13th, Marie Pierre’s 24th, and Giselaine’s 64th.  No that is not a typo, that big smile in the Britney Spears top is not one of the teenagers, can you believe it?!

 Our final day in Quebec we had one last hoorah on the Harley to Hudson to catch up to island friends and frequents; Sandy, Shayna, Hillary, Kelly and Kaelyn.  Soooo good to catch up and finally get to see the famed “little house in the woods” in person!

Beautiful British Columbia

Stanley Park, Vancouvers famous first “greenspace”designated in 1888

The long holiday wasn’t intended to be a break from blogging but 8 weeks later here I am finally getting around to this long overdue post!  British Columbia had been on our travel list for years, both as an opportunity to see more of the Pacific Northwest and a chance to visit Stephanes’ father in Vancouver. 


The famous salmon burger at the wildsidegrill accompanied by a local tasty tofinobrew

 Darwin’s Cafe and gardens at the Tofino Botanical Gardens Foundation

Extreme kiteboarding in Squamish, glacier water just below freezing point, rapid currents, and super strong winds make this a place for the diehards . . . so not surprised to meet a fellow Wyomingite getting ready to ride!

Absolutely incredible wining and dining at Quails Gate

Sunset view from the Quails Gate Estate and Winery

Big thanks to Roger (the tireless photographer) and Judy for hosting us in their hometown and sharing their amazing province with us!  We had such an amazing trip; camping, hiking, biking, and marveling at all the beautiful places we hope to someday relive again!

Wild Wyoming

4th of July in the Tetons!
Grand Teton sunset
 Full moon at the cabin
 Never expected to find Turks and Caicos colored water in WY!  Natural geysers in Yellowstone
Yellowstone buffalo 

So fantastic to spend some time home on the range, gave me a reinforced feeling that I am incredibly fortunate to call myself a Wyomingite.
 Thanks Mom for the new kicks.  Dad and are were a pretty stylish pair on our hikes!  Such fun, thanks dad for joining us on this leg of our adventure!

More from beautiful British Columbia to follow soon . . . .

Road Trip

 Image via pinterest

 Many apologies for being so infrequently here, this last month has been hectic preparing for a loooooooong holiday!   Our vacation is going to look a lot like this; motorcycle, mountains, a couple of backpacks, and the wide open road leading to  . . . . . . 
 Image via pinterest.
Image via pinterest
Happy Canada Day to the Canadians and Happy 4th of July to the Americans!
Image via pinterest