Last September Tropical Imaging and I teamed up to shoot a brand new villa by the name of Samsara.  Andy Mann and I work together often to profile architect Ron Shaw’s designs, each one incredible in their own right.  This sprawling house is beautifully located on Babalua Beach, as the aerial image below demonstrates it virtually has it’s own private 650′ long beach!


samsara_0092 samsara_0096

I am a big fan of cedar shingled roofs and native stone, Samsara features both in great quantity.  It gives the large luxury property a down to earth feel.

samsara_0107 samsara_0196

I loved the little planters incorporated into the outdoor showers, nice to have nature at your feet and still offer privacy within the surrounding garden.

samsara_0244  This staircase was superb any which way you looked at it.  We photographed it from three different angles, this was my favorite perspective.Samsara_Aerial_0012 Samsara_Aerial_0030

Can you believe that collection of roofs!  Remarkable!


The woven wood cabinetry was remarkable as well.  I have to hand it to our TC Millwork competitor, Island Stairworks, who did a fantastic job on these CNC machined doors.



Another tidbit for the woodworking fans, this tables pedestal was part of the original house which the owner wanted to salvage and showcase.

samsaradetails_0032 samsaradetails_0037  samsaradetails_0051 samsaradetails_0064 samsaradetails_0065 samsaradetails_0066 samsaradetails_0067 samsaradetails_0125

If you find yourself lucky enough to enter these gates, you will appreciate this home and all of it’s many facets all the more seeing it in person.



Well done Ron Shaw, very grateful Andy and I were selected for this project!  Always look forward to what you will create next.  This round dining room with one of your signature ceilings made my most impressive list.  Bravo!


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