Ocean Club Photo Shoot

  It’s been a summer full of photo styling for Tropical Imaging.  One of our first projects was a photo and video shoot for Ocean Club.  Many of the images on their website and posted on trip advisor were outdated and did not reflect both their original, and west locations, remodeling efforts.  It was time for out with the old . . .

before image from their website
and in with the new . . . . 
Much improved wouldn’t you say!  As you can see it was an extensive shoot that covered both properties inside and out.  Spending as much time as I did there, I was very impressed with the staff, especially Ron and managing director Tom Lewis.  The team went out of their way to assist us in our needs, even treating us to some fantastic meals at the Seaside Cafe and Cabana Bar and Grille.  This is someplace I would highly recommend for travelers. Check out their Do Nothing List posted under activities.  Check out the video here

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