Best wishes to Debbie and Mike

Images by Brilliant via facebook
I met Mike around six years ago at an island art show where the both of us were presenting work.   A short time after I met his upbeat, pretty girlfriend Debbie and I distinctly recall a conversation where my (now) husband and I, and the two of them, bonded together over “no intentions to get married” campaign.  We had a good laugh about that recently when we bumped into each other at the grand opening for the Veranda.  They shared an intimate ceremony for two, just a few weeks before our nuptials in January.  The gorgeous photo above was taken at the The Estate, and the insanely romantic photo below, just steps away at the The Lounge, which by the way, looks like this every night of the week minus the bride and groom.
Today marks the time where the couple leaves Providenciales for a new adventure.  Bon voyage and best wishes!

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