Jackie and Shawns Wedding at the Grace Bay Club

Photos by Pepper Key Stacie
Bouquet by Environmental Arts, cupcakes by Diane Guess

This was not your average destination wedding.  Firstly, there was the ceremony officiation by famed mixologist Toby Maloney.  How often do you see a bride and groom enjoying a cocktail as part of their “I-do’s?” This was not your average cocktail either, we are talking about a concoction of lavender and cucumber infused Hendrick’s gin (my favorite and oh so difficult to find on the island), bitters, mint, and the dab of genius Toby is famous for.  Needless to say the ceremony set the tone for the rest of the day and this group was all about the party.  As a matter of fact, when it came time to exit the cocktail hour at The Lounge and head to Grill Rouge for dinner, the group clearly desired to linger longer.  When wedding planner Teresa Brunner of Tropical Destination Management Company, finally had escorted the entire party of 70 in small groups of a reluctant five or seven, the meal was served in a jiff so this couple could get on with their evening.  The beautiful  and spunky bride Jackie wowed the entire Grace Bay Club with her serenade to her new husband.  The waitstaff stopped and huddled in pairs, the nearby anacaona restaurant patrons adjusted their chairs to turn her direction, and even the infiniti bar fell silent.  Turns out our bride Jackie is a professional singer.  After a huge wave of applause the fun loving couple went on with their first dances, their fun, and (rumor has it) a toss in the pool!  Congratulations to Jackie and Shawn!

  Images by Pepper Key Stacie
Centerpieces by tropicaldmc

One thought on “Jackie and Shawns Wedding at the Grace Bay Club

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Pepper,

    I just stumbled on this blog. I was so surprised to find that this is actually my wedding. I thought the blog was lovely! It made me so happy! You did a beautiful job. I haven’t seen any of these pictures. Can I please have copies? My email is below.

    ~Jackie Wells


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