All Images by Pepper Key Stacie
I stayed at the Steens Hotel, a fantastic historic bed and breakfast a 15 minute walk to Bryggen.   The images above were taken from a neighboring park, apartment, and the Naturhist Museum gardens.

Bryggen, the old wharf in Bergen, is known worldwide as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The area Bryggen rests on is the oldest part of the city of Bergen, which was founded in 1070.  In 1360 a Kontor, or foreign trading post, was set up there for the Hanseatic League.  I enjoyed a Hansa (originally made in Bergen, name stems from the shortened term for Hanseatic League) beer while watching the boats and people on the wharf.  I then walked through a narrow boardwalk passageway between the buildings to find my dinner spot, Bryggen Tracteursted.  I chose a traditional Nordic meal of smoked salmon soaked in aquavit over grilled asparagus followed by a tomato based cod stew.  After drinking the last drop of red wine and eating the last crumb of bread (consistently nutty, hearty and delicious all throughout my travels in Norway) at my candle lit table (another consistent tradition for all meals) I thought to myself I couldn’t have asked for a better last evening in Norway.
Scenic views en route to Bergen from Rosendal

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