Vakre Hjem & Interior Magazine

To wrap up my postings on Norway I must relay this gem of a magazine I discovered on my trip.  I knew based on the cover image and paperweight alone, I was going to fall in love with what I would find inside.  I just didn’t realize I would adore 99% of what I saw inside, despite the fact that I could not read a word!  Vakre Hjem & Interior literally translates to “Beautiful Homes and Interiors.”

Images by Annette Nordstrom of STEEN ART Design
Images by Ragnar Omarsson
Images by Carina Olander
Images by Signe Dons
Images by Ragnar Omarsson
Images by Tom Haga

2 thoughts on “Vakre Hjem & Interior Magazine

  1. Anonymous

    I`m so happy to read that you like my photo work and my home in Vakre Hjem & Interiør!!

    I love your blog!!

    Annette Nordstrøm


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