Volunteer in Turks and Caicos!

TCI Environmental Club table and poster, artwork provided by art class students of the ECGYC, followed by the Red Cross, the TCSPCA, and other tables.  Please click here to watch the ptv 8 media coverage of the event at the 3:40min mark.  Our interview at the 4:40min mark
Great live performance by the Enid Capron Primary Students
All images by PepperKeyStacie

 On Saturday April 9th, the first Turks and Caicos Volunteer Fair took place at the Gus Lightbourne Sports Complex located in downtown Providenciales.  The fair was organized by Magnetic Media, whose primary goal was to gain 500 new volunteers to support local organizational efforts.  The over 40 groups that participated included civil, community, church, even athletic organizations.  I was fortunate to participate on behalf of the TCI Environmental Club, and saw for myself what a fantastic turnout and success the event turned out to be.  I volunteer regularly at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Center and try to help out as much as I can with Potcake Place and the tcspca, and still had no idea just how many great and deserving groups and clubs are operating in our little country with big hearts!  I would encourage every single person, whether Turks and Caicos Islanders, full time residents, part-time residents, visitors, young or old!, please take some time to make Turks and Caicos a better place.  Listed below are all the participants, please contact any of the below to get involved in your organization(s) of choice:

100 Black Man Of The TCI Art Forbes 231-1220 A-forbes99@yahoo.com
Baseball Pastor Bradley Handfield 232-1970 pastorb@tciway.com
Bethany Brotherhood
Brownies Gertrude Forbes 231-4307
Cancer Foundation Marilyn Forbes 231-2629 Mil_forbes@live.com
CAPAA Winsome Fearon 244-2693 Searsom2003@yahoo.com
Civil Servant Association Rufus Ewing 231-3063 docrewing@gmail.com
Community Care Access Association Sandy Elder 241-1307 nobody@tciway.tc
Community Fellowship Centre Bennett Thomas 941-3484
Cricket Association Michael Pureora 331-3607 Angelique@tciway.tc
Diabetes Foundation Elaine Clare 241-7601 btcnurse@grp.sandals.com
Disaster Management Jamell Robinson 231-0177 jamelrob@hotmail.com
Drug Foundation Gerilane Rigby igrigby@hotmail.com
Edward Gartland Youth Center Roxanne Wake-Forbes 331-9602 rwakeforbes@hotmail.com
Emergency Medical Services Patrick Riel 331-8193 tciems@hotmail.com
Girls Guide Gertrude Forbes 231-4307
Health and Social Service
Heart Foundation Karen Malcolm 247-3269 Karen@bmaterials.tc
Interact Carl Isaac 232-7509 islandtwin@hotmail.com
Kidney Foundation Claude Swann 242-3883
Kiwanis Stanley Taylor 231-0496 Taylor_489@hotmail.com
Mary Kay Connection/ Lady Bug Melanie Smith 431-2049 Melanie.smith@islandcom.tc
National Aids Program Aldora Robinson 331-1426 aldorarobinson@hotmail.com
National Cancer Society Lucille Lightbourne 231-4374 glightbourne@yahoo.com
National Youth Hotline Tiffney Ellis 242-9196 tiffneyellis@yahoo.com
Native Man Fellowship Bill Grant 341-6242 bonefishprovo@tciway.tc
Pot cake Foundation Susan Blehr 231-3052 tcspca@tciway.tc
Provo Amateur Basketball Association Sydwell Glasgow 244-9508 Sydwell_g@yahoo.com
Provo Chamber Of Commerce Tina Fenimore 232-6418 tinafenimore@gmail.com
Provo Children Home Almartha Thomas 243-3205 Almartha@pch.tc
Rapport Hezron Henry 941-4984 Hezronhenry974@hotmail.com
Red Cross Julia Brothwell 244-0318 Jbrothwell@redcross.org.uk
Rotaract Nicquell Garland 244-2330 Serendipity_22@msn.com
Rotary Art Forbes 232-1220 A_forbes99@yahoo.com
Salvation Army Matthew Trayler 431-9711 Matthew_trayler@car.salvationarmy.org
Seven Day Adventist Judith Robinson 231-2950
Star Foundation Roger Harvey 333-3999 info@tandcstarfoundation.org
TCI Aids Awareness Foundation Jeannie Savory 231-1150 info@aidsaeareness.tc
TCI Environmental Club Stacie Steensland 242-8209 stacietcmillwork@tciway.tc
TCI Sports Commission Darian Forbes 242-6246 darianforbes@hotmail.com
TCI Tennis Foundation Art Forbes 232-1220 A_forbes99@yahoo.com
TCI Volunteer Fire Department Aubrey Felix 231-9904 Felix_aubrey@yahoo.com
TCSPCA Susan Blehr 231-3052 tcspca@tciway.tc
Youth Department Angela Forbes 331-4892 Angela.musgrove@tciyouthdepartment.com

Special thanks to two young ladies, Jada and Adriana, who spoke to me for quite some time about their impressive knowledge of taking care of the planet.  Both  9 years old, these two brought the most encouraging words to our table; “we promise to take care of the environment Stacie!” they proclaimed enthusiastically as they skipped off hand in hand to visit the other tables.  When you volunteer, moments like those make it all worthwhile.

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  1. Anonymous

    this is beautiful, if only all the persons that sign up will show up and do some work. but this is grate and should happen every year kodos to the persons who set this up


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