Turks and Caicos Sporting Club

All images by Pepper Key Stacie
Last week TC Millwork completed an installation for the Turks and Caicos Sporting Club‘s Providenciales sales office.  I first visited Ambergris Cay and the development in August 2008 when they inquired about some artwork and interactive shadowboxes for their Environmental Learning Center.  I had brought my camera along with me and from the moment my flight took off, I never stopped shooting.  Everything I had read about the development; the (must see this!) architectural influences, the field guide, and the natural preservation motto, had my hopes set especially high.  All my expectations were exceeded, I had a remarkable afternoon experiencing  the sporting life.   I dove into research with such fervor I had a file folder the size appropriate for a 4 bedroom home versus the little art contract I was asked to quote on.  Ambergris itself, as well as the history of these little islands, is a fascinating story but I will leave that for another post.
When I was approached for the interior decor contract for the new sales offfice in the Regent Village, I secretly celebrated as that huge file folder contained all the preliminary research I would need to get started.   The old office had two great model displays which we converted to coffee tables for the settee areas.  TC Millwork also took care of building new frames for the member boards, the entry door to the media room, and the stylishly sleek and simple curved reception desk.  The decor I wanted to adequately represent that island safari feel when you step onto Ambergris Cay, a well balanced combination of rustic and refined.   Step inside if you have the chance, it begs the question “When is the last time you went out and played?”

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