Potcake Place

One of the most near and dear to my heart not for profits in the Turks and Caicos is potcake place.  We welcomed a potcake into our lives in 2004 and have had so much joy thanks to her.  She makes us laugh each and every day!  The first time I couried a puppy to a forever home was in 2007, Houdina/Serendipity, a sweet girl who journeyed with us to New York where she was introduced to her new family.  Since then there have been many trips and many fosters.  The butterball pictured above was with us last February, she had made quite the impression on a group of riders at provo ponies and within a record breaking 24 hours gained so much popularity she found her forever home.

As soon as she was on a plane to Washington, we discovered she had a brother (the similar looking fuzzy bundle pictured above left).  Once Mike and Susan, the parents of the newly named Caicos, heard the news, they welcomed “Turks” to the family with open arms.  Here they are reunited, enjoying the cozy company of eachother and their new home (above right photo by Mike and Susan).

Photo provided by Mike and Susan

Turks and Caicos are quite the lucky pair!  I am certain that these two  are loving their new lives as trail guides, trotting alongside these horses within the Washington wilderness!

Meet our new foster, found just two days ago in South Dock.  She grinned depsite her white gums and bony little limbs and had us at hello.  She is now well on her way to getting healthy and hopefully in another couple of weeks she will be just as plump as all puppies should be!

We are still considering names for this little tyke, but she will be ready for her forever home in a few weeks.  Potcake Place now has a new home themselves thanks to the generosity of veterinarian Mark Woodring and Animal House.  If you are visiting the Turks and Caicos and would like to meet and greet a potcake or two, please stop by their location in SaltMills-Plaza.  You may meet a potcake you can’t live without like Lily . . . . 

or this tiny little lapdog I got to babysit for a Potcake Place volunteer’s all too quick trip into the Graceway Gourmet at last Saturday’s market.  These three adorable potcake pups are looking for forever homes, can you help them find one? If you would like to lend your assistance to this great organisation please visit potcake place – how you can help page.

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