Father’s Day

  I’m a tad tardy on this but I do believe I have heard dad say a time or two, “better late than never.”  Yesterday I met with a journalist writing a book about conservation, here in the Turks and Caicos and throughout the world (stay posted for more to come on that topic) so I didn’t have the chance to get this post done quite in time. Yesterday’s Father’s Day is the very first my father has spent as a retired man!  Last Wednesday, June 15th, marked Larry’s last day at the company he has loyally given his service to for over 20 years.  His nearly 35 year career as a heavy equipment salesman, traveling all over the great state of Wyoming, plus Colorado, Utah, Montana, and beyond, is formally finished.
Now it’s time to . . . . .  
tinker with your favorite toys,

take to the open road on two wheels,
and take the time to have a beer with your buddies!
Congratulations Dad!  Your family can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work over the years; all the icy roads, the long weeks away from home, and the rough days. I can’t ever recall you having anything but laughs and loyalty from your many customers.  Your attitude was always pleasant and professional, an attribute I aspire to very much in my own career.  Cheers to you, hats off!

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