Our Wedding

This week will be dedicated to posting our wedding, which took place on January 9th, 2010. After 6 years of mutually avoiding the matter of marriage, little mentions began to emerge in 2008. These little tidbits of conversation established that IF we got married, we would have a small wedding, family would be foremost, and we would absolutely stick to a reasonable budget. In 2009 the “if” changed to a “when” and it was agreed it should be celebrated in the sole place we deemed appropriate; the dream we built into reality, the dwelling we call home, the place we most wanted to share with our far away families. In actuality we did stick to our guns. We had a small wedding with 50 guests, primarily family, who we were lucky enough have travel far and wide. Our families were at our sides and graciously at our service, especially my brothers as my bridesmaids and Stephane’s sisters as his groomswomen. We researched the cost of the average wedding and swore to stay within those boundaries, a feat accomplished thanks to many do it yourself money savers.

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