A Garden Wedding

The ceremony took place in our favorite place at home, the courtyard where we have spent hours and hours at work, at rest, and at play. A garden wedding is ideal in that Mother Nature has already provided the majority of your decor (the gamble is if she will politely cooperate with your wedding plans). I tried to keep Mother Nature happy by featuring her handiwork prominently; flowers picked from our garden for the table arrangements, a tree washed ashore and draped with ribbon to host our well wishes, shells, branches, and various other beach finds displayed in every available spot. The flattery worked! She held her temper and we had three beautiful days, sandwiched between two cold fronts, timed perfectly for our bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinner, and the big day.

The largest DIY preparation was removing the labels and washing 150 plus varieties of mason jars and glass bottles. Our spaghetti and jelly jars became tea light lanterns, peanut tins became shell adorned flower pots, and dressing, sauce, and water bottles became shabby chic vases. The glue gun saw more action those six months than ever before! I bought a bargain (slightly water damaged) bulk roll of upholstery fabric in Montreal and used it to sew an aisle runner, a photo backdrop, bride and groom chair covers, and a collar for our ring bearer. It was also utilised as backdrops for the “wish you were here” photo collage antique door, the beer garden sign, and the guest favors, personalized shadowboxes (the second largest DIY project). My idea was to have each guest find their dinner place by locating their photo placed inside a shadowbox set at the table. The activity was meant to be reminiscent of looking through a photo album, a favorite family pastime, as well as an ice breaker for recently introduced guests.

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