May projects

Last Saturday at the graceway gourmet local market, Charish, one of the directors of the visited me at my table and later sent me the sweetest message that she felt inspired to complete some of her own art projects that had been sitting idle thanks to our conversation.  I thought to myself, looking around my studio with a half dozen incomplete projects here and there, I better start inspiring MYSELF to complete some things that had been gathering quite some dust!   I had found this amazing side table at the Salvation Army for an incredibly affordable price a few months ago.  The delicate shape and ornate woodworking details had me at hello!  With a couple of minor repairs this bargain went from neglected and discarded to . . .

Voila!  A show piece worthy of a Parisian antique store, ouis, no?!
While selecting glass bottles in my studio, I found one specimen had been made a home by a cute little critter. 
I don’t mind sharing my studio with these guys, it actually satisfies me that I have my own little eco-system in there.  I just couldn’t help thinking this frog would probably be happier back in nature.

I wondered how the heck it had managed to squeeze itself through the top opening in the first place.
I thought I better try to assist it’s exit but after many attempts, it was quite clear it wasn’t going anywhere.  It’s happy in it’s little greenhouse so there it will stay until it makes it’s way out.  If it got in it can get out, right?

This second project, which was inspired by this, was pretty easy to make.  I had found this branch on a nature walk several weeks ago and knew in an instant I had finally found a piece that would work for this idea that had been floating in my head for ages.  I already had a stock pile of reclaimed wood, pieces from what was most likely a Haitian sloop wreckage that had been thrown in a dumpster.
With very little modification, a couple of cuts on the chopsaw, some wood glue, and a few shavings with the grinder, and it was ready to hang.

I love breathing new life into discards!  Reduce, reuse, recycle!  If you have projects hovering, taking up space in your garage, attic, or yard and don’t know exactly what to do with them, or know exactly what you want done with them but can’t find the time, send them tcmillwork’s way! 

Two projects down, one (tree truck table base pictured above), two (table top made from more of the Haitian sloop boat discards), three (handpainted rug), and four (pair of shabby chic headboards with antiqued mirror insets also pictured above in the background), to go!  Stay tuned for those before and after posts to come.
All images by Stacie

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