Ladies Lunch Out

All images by Pepper Key Stacie

I heard a radio ad recently advertising Point Grace‘s Hutchings restaurant so suggested the spot when a girlfriend and I were planning a luncheon.  Point Grace is one of my favorite boutique hotels on Providenciales, one truly feels nestled in the Caribbean thanks to it’s turn of the century British Colonial architecture and gorgeous landscaping.  Many people, including myself in the early days, would assume that Turks and Caicos’s famous 12 mile Grace Bay Beach is named so by the feeling of divine favour one feels when visiting, but it is actually derived from a person, Grace Hutchings, who sailed here on her honeymoon in 1892.   As you guessed, Hutchings restaurant, also borrowed it’s name from this remarkable lady.  I suggest Point Grace for couples seeking a romantic place, and after a fantastic spinach and apple salad with seared tuna, I would have to recommend anyone make an affordable lunch date at Hutching’s.  Grace’s Cottage is the hotel’s fine dining establishment and should be reserved for a special occasion.

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