Fleur de Lys Before and After

  Readers please pardon that it has been, again, over ten days since my last posting.  Fleur de Lys is undergoing many changes this month.  One laborious task was all the hardwood walkways, as well as the upstairs balcony, have been completely refinished.
Here is the upstairs balcony before. The “lifetime guarantee” topcoat was peeling and cracking within one year of application. Images by Brilliant
Back to the original vibrant and rich color.  *If you live here in the Turks and Caicos Islands or elsewhere in the Caribbean and are thinking to varnish your hardwoods, please check with US before applying.
A minor but fun project was recovering the dining room chairs.  Anyone can do this with a few tools and some fabric.
Here is the dining room in the early days, before the exterior rendor, before the louvered doors and windows, with the chairs still in their plastic wrap before I had recovered them the first time.
Before:  Pictured in the fall of 2008.  This was a vintage fabric I picked up in New York which was a lovely satiny shade of green but did not weather well.
 I found beautiful, grey-blue and sand colored damask print curtains and re-upholstered all
the chairs with just two panels.

Image by PepperKeyStacie
Many more dramatic before and after photos to come (sometime before the end of September!)

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