Ecco Shoot

 Last May I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to travel to Norway with Cindi Blair Productions for an ecco shoot.  Ecco has been making quality shoes since 1963, click here to see a fascinating timeline of the company’s history since it’s birth in Denmark. 

  Normally I am working on the production end, versus the talent end so this was an extremely rare opportunity for me to know what it is like being in front of the camera versus behind the scenes. 
Lucky for me there was no hair and make-up, no primping or styling, simply get dressed in the great outdoor gear and get out in the great outdoors!
The only faint hardship Rob McGarry and I endured was getting our feet wet, literally, in the fjords!  Brisk is a severe understatement.  In retrospect I probably would have been willing to swim in it to soak in all the beauty of Norway, a country I hope to see again.
All images by Michael Dwornik

Big thanks to the entire crew for being so patient with us rookie’s!  It was a fantastic experience in which I gained a great deal of respect for Ecco as a company.  Not only do they make durable and amazing shoes, you as a consumer can feel good about buying them thanks to their Charity Events and Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

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