Cultivating Healthy Minds, Building Strong Bodies

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From the Enews :
Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture
The Department of Education has designated the month of October as ‘Health and Family Life’ month guided by the theme“Cultivating Healthy Minds, Building Strong Bodies.”

We invite all educators, parents, students, stakeholders and the wider community to partner with us as we seek to raise the awareness of the people of our citizenry to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to good mental health and our general well being.

-One mile walk daily

-No fried foods during the month of October

-Health Check-ups (Hypertension/ Diabetes)

-Reading a book not related to your field.

  What will you accomplish for the month of October?  Start an exercise regime, or upgrade your current one? Eliminate a certain weakness from your diet?  Read a book?  Study an interest?  Finally stick a schedule to that which you have been procrastinating (French Rosetta Stone in my case)?  Good luck with your goals!

“Through the power of self-education you can be anything you want to be or do anything you want to do. Self-education power does not require money, fixed time or fixed life style. Options are extremely flexible. Rewards are unlimited. You can control your destiny.”  ~ Bob Webb

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