Conch Festival 2010

November 27th marked the 7th annual Turks and Caicos Conch Festival in Blue Hills.  At 12 noon the tasting tent opened with 23 restaurants competing to push chef Clive and crew off the championship pedestal after their 4 consecutive wins.  I very much look forward to this event every year; a mere $20 will buy the most delicious feast of the fall season. The Conch is prepared in every which way one could imagine; from Americanised versions such as the burger and chili, to international varieties such as crepes and stirfrys, to the traditional stews and ceviche salads.  To read more about conch click here and to see the the high nutritional and protein values of conch, click here.
At 3pm the Bambarra Song Contest took the main stage.  Here is the always entertaining Lovey Forbes performing his lively song.

As the afternoon progressed so did the crowds!  Onlookers cheered on the participants in the kids games, the tug-o-war, and the conch knocking and conch blowing competitions.
David Bowen, Director of Culture, congratulating the champion conch blower.
The junkanoo costumes hang in a nearby building, waiting for their owner’s to get dressed and start the parade. 

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