11.26.2010 Wedding

all images by pepperkeystacie

This tropicaldmc wedding was all about casual.  The small group of family and friends included nearly a half dozen sharply dressed youngsters and two beautiful babies.  I loved that this group walked down to the beach in preparation for the ceremony and then proceeded to let the kids run circles and play chase while the adults continued to chat and visit instead of rushing to take their seats.  The groom conversed with the Pastor, son in arms, until his bride peeped into vision on the boardwalk.  The relaxed couple included a Beatles song in their play list so I thought they might be a fan of the groovy sunlight effects of the middle photo.  The last image catches the ring bearer, the couples rosy cheeked son, as he rushes to fulfill his special duties of the day.  I had a chance to get caught up with the grooms Norwegian family who had traveled so far for the occasion.  While they remarked on the beauty of Turks and Caicos, I raved about the beauty of Norway from my recent visit.  A gorgeous day for the great couple, congrats!

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