Blog beginnings

A display of current shadowboxes in the Pepper Key Studio. Photo by Brilliant TC

I first began frequenting blogs while working on an art contract for a large resort on Providenciales. I had an order for 680 shadowboxes, which I was thrilled to land and zealous to start. A quarter of the way through it I began to lose my artistic mojo. When I lived in the United States it was an easy fix. I would visit an art museum, a library, an architectural salvage, a gallery, a flea market, or my favorite shopping district, and presto . . . my mojo was back. Living on a small Caribbean island the options are far fewer. After many visits to beautiful beaches, nature walks, and slow drives through charming areas like Blue Hills, I still couldn’t find it. I buried myself in my books in my office and then turned to the laptop for help. The internet became my mode of transport and blogs became my library, my gallery, my museum. All free, easy to access, and full of great insight and ideas. I am now a loyal follower of a select few, and always on the lookout for a new blogpspot that catches my eye or my interests. A big thanks to fellow bloggers who make life easier, smarter, craftier, more eco friendly, etc. You make the world a better place!

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