Bird Monitoring and No Plastic Picnic Saturday Oct 15th

Image from greenantilles
  At last Thursdays tci-environmental-club meeting, we discussed a few recent topics including the DECR’s  impressive collection of 8,676 native Caicos Pine seeds, the previous meetings heated debate in regards to the Invasive Causarina, and the upcoming event for this coming Saturday, October 15th.  Please join us at 7:30am at the Lower Bight Park across from the National Environmental Centre for a morning of Bird Monitoring in our wondrous-west-indian-wetlands!  The migration season has begun and several sites are bound to see a great deal of activity which will later be logged onto  An exerpt from their website below:

“Do you know of a pond, mangrove swamp or marsh nearby with waterbirds on it? If yes, we invite you to participate in our first region-wide survey of Caribbean waterbirds, the Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC), and help us to save waterbirds and their habitats. The Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB) is starting a new region-wide waterbird and wetland monitoring program called the Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC). The goal of this program is to learn more about the distribution, status, and abundance of waterbirds in the Caribbean to improve our conservation planning and management of these beautiful birds and their habitats.”
Every entry helps have a better understanding of what happens where and why,  as well as boosts our Turks and Caicos eco-tourism sector.  Please consider taking a little time this Saturday to enjoy our beautiful by nature environment and protect our species!  Welcome to anyone!  We are looking for volunteers willing to provide transportation, please call the DECR for more information.  The morning monitoring is to be followed by a NO PLASTIC PICNIC!  Please Pack-an-Eco-Friendly-Lunch (like pictured below, think reusable containers and no single use plastics) and join us at 12noon at the Lower Bight Park picnic area.
Image from greenrightnow

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