Art from the Islands

Image courtesy of Jason Soderquist via facebook
I will be aiming to feature “art from the islands” regularly here on p&p, but most often it will be imagery by individuals who would not refer to themselves as “artists”.  In my opinion everybody has artisitic talent and how better to personalise your space than by featuring something that you love, that YOU created.  Some might argue that in my profession, that last statement would be bad for business.  To the contrary, one of my favorite types of jobs is assisting clients to make or feature their own art.  Which is exactly the case for the above photo.  While at dinner at our dear friends, Jason and Eliza’s, (a very cool house he designed and built on a canal front lot), they inquired about an art piece for over the bed.  I immediately thought of this photo of his, taken I believe somewhere in route to the Bahamas from the Turks and Caicos.  Not only is it an incredible composition, and from a birds eye point of view, it is just too perfect considering Jay is actually a boat captain, and Eliza has a deep passion for flying and has nearly completed her pilot’s license.  Today Jay is leaving for France for three months to captain a boat in the Mediterranean.  For Jay, bon voyage and take lots of pictures:) For Eliza, some choice words of consolation (stolen from her very note to us on our wedding well wishes tree)
“To the wind that blows . . .
To the ship that goes . . .
To the lass that loved the sailor . . .
And to the sailor that loved the lass.”
-Eliza’s version of Charles Dibdin

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