A Boat Wedding and a Beach Wedding

All photos courtesy of Lynn Robinson via Facebook
Lucie and Shaune hosted their wedding aboard the Atabeyra.  How extraordinary to take 50 of your closest friends and family out to sea for your ceremony.  For this couple the setting is only appropriate, Lucie a dive master and Shaune, a well rounded waterman with expertise in fishing, lobstering, and handling TCI boats big and small.  Shaune was the captain on my very first island hopping experience, a boat trip to Middle Caicos where he pointed out a flock of flamingo’s en route, led us to the majestic Mudjin Harbor, and prepared a freshly caught picnic for our group. 
Years later I booked Shaune for transportation for British fashion photo shoot on Fort George, where the art director took one look at the towering athletic islander, with the charming grin and signature dreadlocks, and immediately asked to hire him for the day to model.   I relayed the deal; he would make excellent pay on top of his captain fee, and the only thing expected of him was to frolick on the beach with the gorgeous swimwear girl.  The only stipulation of getting paid to flirt with a magazine model and have his five minutes of fame commemorated in fine glossy print, was to wear a Euro brief.  Where I think most men would have been willing to skip buck naked at the offer, Shaune wasn’t interested in the least.  In production where scantily clad beauties are involved, you occasionally have to request the ogglers to move along.  Shaune on the other hand, informed us he would be back to pick us up at the end of the day.  I pretended to be as perplexed as the art director by his rejection at the offer, but inside I was laughing hysterically.  Lucie, Shaune might be known as one of the greatest fisherman on the island, but I think you’ve just proved your skills at landing a great catch!  Congrats you two!
All photos by Pepper Key Stacie, planning by Tropical DMC
In closing for the weekends post, I must mention yesterday’s wedding for Billy and Allison.  This young couple from New York spent their morning on a snorkeling excursion!  No last minute hectic running around, no chaos, just taking the day for themselves and their fourteen guests to ENJOY!  And enjoy they did, especially thanks to Billy’s fun sense of humor which kept all entertained.  After the ceremony they paraded by beach with friends and family from their resort, The Sands, to the Bay Bistro restaurant for their reception. 

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